The most common type ofcoffee grinderis the whirling blade type. The spinning blade breaks coffee beans into smaller grounds depending on how long it is left on. While this method produces a good cup of coffee, a burr grinder makes a more uniform and consistent coffee ground. Burr grinders grind coffee slower than a blade grinder. Gourmet coffee drinkers claim this improves coffee taste. This article reviews two affordable burr grinders.

Capresso 560.01 Infinity

The Capresso model 560.01 Infinity burr coffee grinder is considered the best burr coffee grinder for those on a budget. It is considered a good deal for quality and price. It has 16 settings in 4 categories to produce grinds from French press coarse to espresso fine and extra fine grind for Capresso 560.01Credit: AmazonTurkish coffee. Not all coffee grinders do this. The Capresso grinds slow, which doesn’t burn coffee and gives a pleasant coffee aroma as it grinds. This is a quiet grinder, not a common feature in all coffee grinders.

This machine weighs 4 pounds. It is 14.36 X 9.6 X 7.8 inches. It uses a timer so it doesn’t have to be attended while grinding. The Capresso 560.01 is made of plastic parts that disassemble for cleaning. The burrs are metal. The Capresso comes in black, stainless and brushed silver. The bean container holds 8.5 ounces and grounds compartment holds 4 ounces.

The Capresso 56.01 Infinity is a good buy for the money, but isn’t without complaints. It creates static that discharges fine grounds when removing the ground coffee receptacle. Tapping the receptacle before removing this helps alleviate the problem. It also leaves ground coffee that doesn’t go into the receptacle. Setting the timer for additional time helps clean these grounds out.

Breville BCG450XL Ikon Conical Burr Grinder

The Breville BCG450XL has a couple of features few grinders have. Cord storage. It is quiet. The modelBCG450XL is considered a good deal in its price range. This Breville has a timer that can be set to grind between 10 and 30 seconds. It is stainless steel and black plastic. It measures 4.5 X 7 X 11.2 inches and weighs 5 pounds. It features a start/stop feature in addition to the on/off switch. Breville GCG450XLCredit: AmazonThe removable bean bin holds a half a pound of coffee. The base holds the on/off switch and the start/stop control.  recommends this grinder as a cheap option to grind coffee for expresso machines.

The main complaints for this Breville concern the switch and that it doesn’t grind coffee fine enough for espresso or Turkish coffee. As with all coffee grinders and plastic, there is static cling.

There are many coffee grinders that are more expensive or cheaper than these. Either one of these grinders is a bargain. These affordable burr grinders are both excellent choices to grinding coffee beans.