There are a ton of options when it comes to the selection of dress shoes that is available. There are many styles, brands, colors, heel heights, and models to choose from. In addition to the large selection of physical options, casual dress shoes have one of the largest price ranges known to the clothing industry. You can find a pair for as little as $25 and as much as well over $200; however, it is finding a great pair of shoes for well under $100 that serves as being difficult.

You may be thinking: why have you picked an amount as specific as $100; why not $150 or $70? The answer to this question is simple: $100 seems to be the golden budget. The majority of people will be willing to spend up to $100 on casual dress shoes provided that they are going to last them a few years.

This article is geared towards opening up your eyes to the best pairs of cheap casual dress shoes that are available for under $100. Some of the pairs of shoes that are found here have a price tag of about $40, and others have a price tag of about $98; however, they can all be found for under $100, regardless of how much under the price they are!

Men’s Pairs Of Shoes For Under $100

Fossil Cadence Oxford-$98-

Although fossil has made their mark in the wallet and watch industry, they offer a great selection of dress shoes. There are a ton of reasons to wear a pair of black casual dress shoes; choosing this pair will allow you to wear them with other clothing of absolutely any color! These may be really close to the $100 budget; however, you will be buying them with the certainty of receiving an amazing quality product that was made by a very reputable brand!

Dockers Society Slip Resistant Slip On-$69-

Nothing defines looking casual more than a pair of slip on dress shoes. There are a few pairs of dress shoes with laces that will look casual; however, choosing a pair of slip on ones will definitely provide you with the casual appeal. There are a ton of Dockers dress shoes that are available for purchase; however, I would argue that the society slip resistant slip on pair will provide you with the best bang for your buck. And being available for well under $75 allows them to fit into nearly everybody’s budget!

Hush Puppies Lunar II Slip On-$50-

If I had to pick one brand name that has developed a reputation for offering shoes that have the highest degree of comfort, it would definitely be Hush Puppies. Most people envision Hush Puppies casual dress shoes to be extremely comfortable; moreover, a casual look is highly focused on looking “comfortable”. Is there a better way to look comfortable than actually feeling comfortable in your inexpensive dress shoes?

Shoes For Women For Under $100

Steve Madden Trousr G Oxford-$79-

Although Steve Madden has built their positive reputation through their dress shoes; they have also become known as a higher end brand name due to their higher than average prices. However, the Trousr G Oxford offers a ridiculously unique style for an affordable price! I would recommend these inexpensive casual dress shoes to absolutely any woman that has a BOLD personality. This is mainly because the unique style that these Steve Madden shoes offer will attract a lot of visual attention; a person with a BOLD personality will easily be able to handle that attention, and use it in a positive manner!

Anne Klein Virtruos Wedge Sandal-$74.99-

Realistically, the majority of Anne Klein’s casual dress shoes would be deemed as being unaffordable to the average consumer; however, the Virtruos pair is definitely something that most people could afford. The only downside to these inexpensive sandals is that they can only be worn in the summer time due to their open nature. However, if you are looking for a summer pair of casual dress footwear, I would definitely recommend the Virtruos wedge sandals!

Anne Klein Billow Wedge Pump-$80-

These wedges would be perfect for a business woman that is looking for a casual pair of dress shoes to wear to their workplace during the summer months. The greatest thing about this pair of wedge pumps is that they are not exactly formal, but they are not exactly casual. They will look either casual or formal depending on the other clothes that you are wearing. Although these shoes can only be worn during the summer months, they will serve you universally because you can wear them with nearly any other clothes that you have in your closet!