What are the best cheap Fender guitar amplifiers? Fender makes some amazing guitar amplifiers but they will cost you quite a bit of money. For those that don’t have a deep pocketbook you don’t have to feel left out because Fender makes some great practice amplifiers that won’t cost you a whole lot yet give you some amazing tones to work with. Some of these amplifiers have built-in effects, distortion, and even tubes like the Fender Champion practice amplifier. If you want a cheap amplifier for your guitar look to the Fender line to meet your needs. These are perfect for practicing or for those tight spaces where you don’t have a whole lot of room to work with.

Fender Mustang I Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Mustang I Guitar Amplifier

The fender Mustang I is a 20-watt combo amplifier with 24 on-board pre-sets with tones that range from vintage or metal distortion. The amplifier has a bank of twenty four built-in effects that include chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb, step filter, and more. This device is perfect for the practice room or small jam session and you can use the headphone jack in private. You can connect it to your computer and use the software to open up even more tonal possibilities. Join the Fender FUSE community and swap your pre-set sounds with others. You can buy an optional footswitch for the unit so you have quick access to pre-sets on the model. If you need more power there’s a 40-watt model available in this lineup.  This fender amp offers a huge range of tones in such a small package and is an excellent small amplifier for a beginner to own. 

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

When you need a small compact amplifier the 10-watt Fender frontman is an excellent choice. It features a six inch speaker with gain, overdrive switch, volume, treble, and bass knobs. You can use auxiliary input jack to jam along with your favorite CDs and the unit comes with a headphone jack for those quiet practice sessions. The gain control can give you rock guitar tones from  a tube-like sound to heavier distortion sounds for a wide variety of different sounds in a small package.

Fender Starcaster 15 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

For the young player and a parent without a lot of money to spend on musical equipment the Fender Starcaster amplifier is a wise choice. This 15-watt amplifier is perfect for beginners and it comes with both a clean and distorted guitar channel. The amplifier has volume, treble, and bass knob along with the input for the guitar. Players get a headphone jack so they can practice in silence. The amplifier is light and portable so it can be taken to those guitar lessons with ease. this is the perfect amp for the new guitar player or for someone who needs a very basic practice amplifier for a dorm room or other closes space where they don't have much room.

Fender Champion 600 Electric Guitar Amplifier

This small practice amplifier features 5-watts of power and one guitar channel along with a volume knob. This amplifier also features tubes so you get that warm tone and natural overdrive when the amplifier is turned up. Plug your guitar into either the high gain or low gain input and rock out on this vintage style amplifier based upon the 1950s original. The brown and blonde vinyl covering looks great and the amplifier has a leather strap handle. If you want a simple tube amplifier the Fender Champion is an amazing deal.


The Fender Mustang is probably the best deal here since you can get one for $99.99-$150.00. The amp has built-in effects and you can hook it up to your laptop or other computer and use the amp modeling software.  You would have to spend quite a bit to get all those effects by themselves so this amplifier is well worth buying. Marshall Amplification makes some nice cheap guitar amplifiers too. Good luck with your amplifier search and keep jamming on your guitar.