If you are planning on doing some rugged work and you don't want to worry about damaging your tools then a cheap Ghurka Kukri Machete is the best option. The design of the Kukri lends itself to cheap manufacture whilst maintaining awesome cutting power and dependability. As such, it's very easy to get a great Kukri for under $30. They may not last very long like a more expensive (but higher quality Kukri) but it can be great to know that if it does break or get damaged it didn't cost you that much in the first place. Cheap Kukri's are great for survival, camping and hatchet work. You can easily replace your knife, hatchet and machete with one Kukri - great for saving space and weight when camping. 

In this article we will look at some of the best cheap Ghurka Kukri available online. You may be able to find authentic Kukri for cheaper in Nepal or India if you are ever there but buying online is the next best option.


Black Warrior Kukri Machete by TomahawkCredit: amazon.com

Black Warrior Kukri Machete by Tomahawk

You get what you pay for with this cheap Kukri by Tomahawk. You will struggle to find a Kukri cheaper than this but you should expect the quality to be average. The Warrior Kukri isn't very traditionally styled or manufactured but the shape makes it suitable for machete work and some light wood cutting. The blade on this Kukri comes quite dull so it will need sharpening to be useful for more than light work. Additionally some customers noted that the supplied sheath is low-quality and to discard it (or be prepared to do some work on it).

If you are after a super cheap Kukri that you can throw around without worrying about it then this one should suffice. It's list price is $15 but it is often much cheaper on Amazon - it's $4.16 at the time of writing. At a price like this this Kukri is worth it even if it only lasts a couple of weeks.


21" Rose Ebony Machete with Wooden Handle by NTICredit: amazon.com21" Rose Ebony Machete with Wooden Handle by NTI

This machete from NTI is not a Kukri in the traditional sense but it does have the chopping power of the traditional Kukri design making it a better tool than a standard machete. The heavier end of the blade means that more power is generated using less downward force. The blade is very thick and strong but it has a machined edge which does not come very sharp. A sharpening stone and steel will be necessary. Customer reviews of NTI's Kukri-style machete state that the machete itself is very satisfactory for the price, however the sheath it comes with is very flimsy and not recommended for use.

For only $11.49 on Amazon this Kukri style machete from NTI is a great bargain - just be prepared to give it a good sharpen and get another sheath.


Big Bohica Kukri Machete by Bud K

Big Bohica Kukri Machete by Bud KCredit: Amazon.comThe Big Bohica Kukri machete from Bud K is quite a good Kukri, in fact it is even one of the top 5 best reviewed Kukri available on Amazon. The Big Bohica has a thirteen and a half-inch blade with a black finish and an impact resistant handle. The blade comes decently sharp, a quick run over with a sharpening steel will get it razer sharp and it holds an edge well due to its high carbon steel. The sheath it comes with is nylon and is pretty rugged though not very comfortable - it's suitable for storing the Kukri in to keep the blade protected.

The Big Bohica Kukri machete is very good value for money - it's only around $17 on Amazon. I highly recommend checking this Kukri out if you are after something that is inexpensive and dependable.


15" Nepalese Ghurka Kukri by Trademark Global

15" Nepalese Ghurka Kukri by Trademark GlobalCredit: amazon.com

The 15-inch Nepalese Ghurka Kukri from Trademark global is a traditionally styled Kukri with a great cost to value ratio. It has a good quality 1/4 inch steel blade that will need some sharpening before use. The handle is made from wood and brass. This Kukri comes with a decent quality leather sheath as well.

Reviews for this cheap Ghurka Kukri on Amazon have been overall positive (4/5 stars average) with one or two people having bad experiences with the quality. It seems like that there is a small chance of production problems but for the most part this is a great value Kukri. Trademark Global's Kukri's list price is $32 but it sells for $19.99 on Amazon at the time of writing.


17" Ghurka Service Kukri with Sheath by Rite Edge

17" Ghurka Service Kukri with Sheath by Rite EdgeCredit: amazon.comThis is a military surplus Ghurka Service Kukri which is imported by Rite Edge. It's the real thing, it even comes with the traditional accompanying knives: Kadra (a skinning knife) and Chakmak (a dull knife used as a sharpening steel) which can both be stored in the sheath with the Kukri. The blade is full tang, as you would expect, and is made from high carbon steel. The handle is wood with a red dye. The dye can be removed easily so that the handle can be oiled, probably a good first modification to make.  

As a military surplus Kukri this is not the highest quality Kukri you can buy. But for the price it is rugged, dependable and functional. It could even be used as a decorative Kukri as it looks authentic. This 17 Inch Service Kukri from Rite Edge sells for $25-$30 on Amazon.


Tips for Buying a Cheap Kukri Machete

  • Always read the reviews first. It is possible to find really cheap Kukri with great reviews. Usually people will say whether they thought it was good value for money or not. You don't really want a machete that will fall apart on the first swing, no matter how cheap it is.
  • Good quality steel is the most important part. Even if the blade is dull as long as the steel is good quality it will make a good blade. Most Kukri that you will buy will need sharpening anyway. Lower quality steels will not hold an edge and will weaken with sharpening, and a weak blade is dangerous. If a listing for a Kukri doesn't say what steel it uses check reviews as someone may have tested it. If you cannot find any information at all then avoid it.
  • Invest in a sharpening stone and steel. No matter which Kukri you buy it is always a good idea to invest in a sharpening stone and steel. Often you can get them online with the Kukri itself to save on shipping costs.


Thank you for reading! I hope this guide to the best cheap Ghurka Kukri Machetes has helped you find the right Kukri for you.