When it comes to choosing one of the best cheap left handed electric guitars, there are literally a ton of options. Almost every company that produces instruments has a guitar that can be purchased for under $100; however, not all of those guitars are worth buying! Choosing the cheapest electric guitar will not do you any good because it will not be equipped with any of the important features and won’t produce a good sound!

Getting your hands on a left-handed guitar can be hard enough (each music store only sells a few); moreover, finding one with a cheap price tag can be nearly impossible! This article is not geared towards convincing you to buy specific instruments, and I do not work for any of these companies. The main focus of this piece of writing is opening your eyes to some of the best left handed guitars to buy if you are on a limited budget!

RST CAR Complete Guitar Package For Only $130-Includes Guitar, Amp, Bag, And Much More!

I would consider a budget electric guitar to be one thatBlack Left Handed Electric Guitar Complete PackageCredit: Amazon.com has a price tag of less than $100, so being able to purchase a guitar, amp, bag, and strap for $130 seems like a steal! With such a small price tag, one should begin to question the quality of the musical instrument and accessories. I will break down everything that is included in this package!

Left Handed Electric Guitar (Red)- If I could pick a single guitar to learn how to play on, this would be the one. This guitar is red in color, and is perfect for any musical style. Any left handed guitarist should consider this, regardless of whether they like to play to hard rock, pop, heavy metal, or country!

10 Watt Amplifier- 10 watts seems to be the standard when it comes to small guitar amplifiers! This guitar amp houses a 5.5 inch speaker, and provides you with 3 equalizer knobs to control the bass, mid, and treble that the amplifier produces!

Guitar-Shaped Carry Bag-There have been many debates regarding a soft guitar carry bag vs. A hard guitar carrying case; however, I believe that a carry bag is more than enough to house and protect your precious instrument, unless you plan on going great distances! This carry bag is perfect for carrying your left-handed guitar from your home to a friend’s house and back!

10 Foot Cable- This is pretty much self-explanatory; this cable connects the electric guitar to the amplifier and is more than long enough for you to walk around while you are strumming!

Guitar Strap-Again, this is self-explanatory; the strap will allow you to hang the guitar from your left shoulder.

Instructional Guitar Tutorial DVD- I have watched this DVD, and must say that it is not the best way to learn how to play the guitar. However, it does cover the basics of connecting all of your musical equipment, and playing the most basic chords!

The Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster Produces Amazing Sounds For A Cheap Price

Fender is definitely one of the best guitar brands; they have products being sold in neaFender Squier Affinity Telecaster Left Handed GuitarCredit: Amazon.comrly every music store, and keep their prices at affordable rates! The specific Squier is one of the best left handed electric guitars being sold at a cheap price for a few reasons:

-it produces amazing sounds, regardless of your strumming style

-it contains 2 tone controls to tune the sound to your liking

-it has a rosewood fingerboard with 21 medium jumbo frets

In addition to all of these reasons, the Squier is backed by the 2 year defect warranty that Fender boasts with all of their guitars!

The Epiphone Lefty Les Paul Is One Of The Most Popular Cheap Left Handed Electric Guitars

Epiphone is one of the music brands that does not leave left-handed guitar players out of the equation! Epiphone’s Lefty Les Paul LP-100 is designed in a way tEpiphone Lefty Les Paul Black Electric GuitarCredit: Amazon.comhat allows the guitarist to remain comfortable throughout their entire strumming session. In addition, this Lefty sounds great, regardless of what you are using to strum though the strings. For instance, the LP-100 will produce a great sound whether you are strumming with your finger, a thimble, or a guitar pick!

When it comes to choosing a cheap left handed electric guitar, your selection will be limited. Only a small percentage of guitar players are left handed, so companies only produce a small amount of their acoustic and electric guitars to be suited for those players! With that being said, guitar strings, picks, and straps are universal; however, almost every guitar is made to be played by either a right handed or left handed musician! I consider the instruments that are listed throughout this article to be the best cheap left handed electric guitars for the majority of players; however, you should try to find the guitar that suits your specific playing style, and favourite music genre!