Looking for the best cheap Marshall guitar amplifiers? As a practicing guitar player it can be difficult to come up with enough cash to buy something decent. These devices are very expensive but thankfully you can get some decent amplifiers from amp makers such as Marshall Amplification. Just make note that the cheaper amplifiers will be for practice purposes only since they generally don’t have the full power needed for performance purposes. Marshall has a full line of great practice amps that won’t blow your budget but at the same time give you some nice sounds. Just remember that these cheap Marshall guitar amps are for basic practice only and you can't gig with them.

Marshall MG10 Guitar Combo Amplifier - 6.5 Inch, 10 Watts, 2 Channels

Marshall MG 10

This tiny Marshall amplifier has digital controls and a flexible user interface. The rig has pre-sets for user control and a 10 Watt 6 inch speaker. It features both clean and overdrive channels and has a line in jack for other gear.  The MG 10 makes for a great 10 Watt combo amp and features that same great Marshall overdrive sound. The amp comes with a contour control to adjust the EQ of the amplifier. There’s a headphone jack so you can practice without disturbing others making this unit perfect for dorm rooms or other cramped spaces. 

Marshall MG15FX Guitar Combo Amplifier - 8 Inch, 15 Watts

This 15 Watt amp features an eight inch speaker and has four switchable channels along with a 3 band EQ for tonal shaping. The FDD circuitry gives this amplifier a depth of sound just like the bigger Marshall rigss but is a smaller compact package. There’s a gain, volume, and master volume knob on the amp to change and adjust your overall sound. There’s a clean crunch and two overdrive channels on the unit and you can switch easily from channel to channel with the push button controls. The amp has two modes the preset and manual mode. The preset stores the positions of all the controls so the settings of the channels can be customized to your liking. You can use reverb and one of four different effects together which include chorus, phaser, flanger, or delay. There’s a line out and a headphone jack on the amp. You can also buy a footswitch for the unit.

Marshall MG4 Carbon Series MG10CF 10 Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier with 2 Channels and MP3 Input
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(price as of May 12, 2013)
The MG Series features a lot of value for the money and are great basic practice amps by Marshall.

Marshall MG15CFX 15W 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp

This amp features a small size which is perfect for practicing. The amp has a carbon feel and look to it and carries the same famous Marshall analog tone along with digital effect such as chorus, delay and more. There’s a clan and distorted channel on the amplifier for a wide variety of tones and playing situations.  Effects on the unit include delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and octave which can be used with the reverb effect for various sounds. The FDD switch provided a better tonal clarity on the amplifier and you can buy a footswitch for the unit.

Amplifier Recommendations to Save Money

Cheap Marshall Amplifiers are great if you only want something small to practice with but people sometimes expect too much from their unit. These amps are designed just tfor practice and nothing more. You’re not going to get that many great sounds out of these amplifiers since they are too small to produce amazing tones. Your best bet is to go with a larger Marshall amplifier to get better sounds but that ends up costing you more money.  One way to get some good sounds from wide variety of amplifiers is to use your computer and some amp modeling software where you can recreate some amazing sounds on your computer and you don’t even need a guitar amplifier to do it.  For example, I use a small Marshall amplifier to teach with, but at home I use amp modeling to record with since it doesn’t wake up the neighbors. You can save money because you’re not always going out and trying new amplifiers which leads to frustration you have them all at home in one software program like AmpliTube. In fact they even have an amp modeling program that you can use for your cell phone now.  Good luck finding a cheap Marshall amplifier and have fun playing your guitar.