Buying and maintaining a motorcycle can be quite expensive; however, the accessories that you must purchase in order to ride that vehicle safely and legally can run you up quite a bit of money too. One of the main parts of your gear will be your head protection; they can get quite expensive, but if you look hard enough, you will find a wide selection of cheap motorcycle helmets. Regarding safety, most headgear will be at par with each other, no matter the price (provided that they are DOT approved). It is a fact that the more money that you spend, the more comfortable, and featured your headgear will be. Purchasing cheap motorcycle helmets is not putting you in any more danger than if you were to be wearing the expensive ones; however, you will sacrifice some of the unnecessary features, and degree of comfort. Although this is true, you will be paying about one third of the price of an expensive model when you choose to buy cheap motorcycle helmets, which would definitely warrant the sacrificed comfort and features.

This article lists the 5 most reputable brands, and 5 best models within those brands regarding this product class; purchase any of these, and you will surely turn the heads of others that see you riding, while keeping your wallet full.

HJC Has Great Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Many people have always regarded HJC as being one of the top brands in helmets, and many of those people have assumed that these models will cost an arm and a leg; however, contrary to popular belief, HJC offers a wide selection of cheap motorcycle helmets. Although they have some expensive models, the below models serve as the top notch in their not-so-expensive line.

CL-33 $94.99

CL-SP $109.99

CL-Max $139.99

CL-21 $67.99

CL-21 Reign Half $49.99

AFX Has Great Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

AFX is the least popular out of all of the brands that are featured in this article, mainly because their models are mostly bland and of lower quality in terms of comfort level and features; however, they offer the least expensive models in terms of cheap motorcycle helmets. These models are great if you are a stunt rider and think that your helmet will get ruined, or if you are a beginner rider and do not want to spend a lot of money on your gear.

FX-5 $49.99

FX-75 $40.99

FX-16 $130.99

FX-11 Solid Lightforce $71.99

FX-7 $74.99

Icon Has Great Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Icon is definitely the most popular brand that is listed here, and offer great comfort and features in regards to their models; however, their higher class models can be quite pricey. The models listed below are their cheap motorcycle helmets, and are relatively inexpensive. These models are simply beautiful, and you will get stares throughout all of your rides.

Airframe Seventh Seal $229.99

Airframe Team $249.99

Claymore Suzuki $229.99

Solid Grey Gloss 2009 $199.99

Alliance Krazy Klown $229.99

Be sure to check out the selection of Icon motorcycle helmets on Amazon being sold at ridiculously low prices...These helmets will protect you on your bike, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

GMax Has Great Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

GMax falls in the mediocre price range, and mediocre feature and comfort range; all of their gear can be considered average. They offer a ton of cheap motorcycle helmets; however, the most visually appealing models are listed below. Their models vary from the cruiser styled half helmets to the full fledge racer styled full face models; this leaves you with a large selection to choose from, so that you can find one that best meets your needs.

GM44 $124.99

GM35X Solid Half $49.99

GM5X Half $59.99

GM2X Open Face $39.99

GM58 Grey Solid $129.99

Bell Has Great Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Bell is well known for their bicycle headgear, and bicycle accessories; however, they are not-so-well known for their cheap motorcycle helmets. They offer a wide selection of models for decent prices that will fully protect you while looking great. Their models are plain in regards to design, but their vents are thoughtfully placed so that the degree of comfort that you receive is increased.

Arrow Solid Black $99.99

Sprint Mako $104.99

Apex Solid Grey $149.99

Sprint Black $129.99

Apex Edge $109.99

Bell Arrow Helmet - Medium/Matte Black
Amazon Price: $99.95 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 6, 2015)

People generally get intimidated when they see the prices that headgear and accessories for motorcycles go for; however, it is the unnecessary features, and high degree of comfort that drives those prices up. There are a ton of cheap motorcycle helmets that you can purchase to go with your vehicle; however, many of those brand names and models will not meet your expectations. This article lists the top 5 models within each brand name that offers cheap motorcycle helmets; purchase any one of these, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase!