Squash is an active game that can take its toll on your body. When you're picking out your pair of squash shoes you want to make sure you provide ample support. Picking a pair of shoes that don't properly support your feet can lead to a lot of discomfort and pain down the road.

The nature of the game and the court it is played on make proper footwear essential. Play for any extended period of time and you're bound to discover how uncomfortable it can get. The hard court can cause shin splints and uncomfortable arch pair. The balls and heels of your feet might get sore from the consistent pounding they take.

What Features To Consider When Buying

squash shoes

Squash Shoes?

When you're picking your squash shoes you want a pair that with supporting features for maximum comfort. Make sure you buy a pair that you have tried on or worn before and take note of the type of socks you'll be wearing when you play. Have a mismatched sock and shoe combination can create just as much discomfort as having the wrong shoes all together.

You want a pair of shoes that are low profile. This will allow you to stay low to the ground and remain agile. It will reduce the overall weight of the shoe. You'll be able to make quick, sharp cuts without and interference from a hight top. To understand why this is essential, take a second and try this.

Stand up. Keep your right foot on the ground and extend it to the right. You'll have to start lowering yourself to the ground to keep it on the ground. This will be a position you're in quite often on the squash court. Notice your inside ankle. If you did not have a pair of low profile shoes, say a traditional high top, the shoe would be restricting your movement. Having a pair of low profile squash shoes will not get in the way of the very common athletic position.

You want to make sure the shoe is breathable and made of a material that will last. Most squash specific shoes are made from a soft leather or airy synthetic material. If you find a shoe you're comfortable with you should stick with it.

What Brand Of Squash Shoe Is Best?

There are a few major sports brands that make squash shoes. Picking one of the big players in this niche space can get you a great shoe that perfectly fits the game. The hard surface that squash is played on makes it essential to have the right footwear.

Any shoe made by Asics, Prince, Adidas, K-Swiss, Wilson, Head or Hi-Tec will give you ample support for the game. Stray from those brands only at your own risk. They are well known manufacturers and they offer competitive prices. Their wide selection comes in low profile sneakers that won't interfere with your frequented athletic movements.

Where Can You Buy Squash Shoes?

You can choose to buy them online at a retail store like squashproshop.com. However you may want to make sure you try the shoes on before you buy them. Feet come in all shapes and sizes and so do shoes. It may be difficult to pick the right pair of shoes without trying them on first. Any local pro shop that sells racket sports equipment will likely carry squash shoes.

How Much Do Squash Shoes Cost?

Depending on the brand you buy and location you get them from, the price may vary. Traditionally squash shoes cost between $40 and $100. They are pretty close in line with any regular athletic shoe. The more feature rich shoe you want the more money you will pay. Regardless of price, if you are going to play a lot of squash for any extended period of time, you are going to want to buy the right squash shoe.