With all of the radar detectors on the market today, it can be hard to make an informed decision on which one is best for your needs. I, personally, don't see the point in spending $400 or more on a fuzzbuster, so I'm going to review for you, the best cheap window mounted radar and laser detectors under $200. Of course, I don't own all of these models, so you're probably wondering how I arrived at my decision. Well, the first thing I did was compare all of the features from 3 different companies. These were Cobra,Whistler and Beltronics. I also reviewed Escort and Rocky Mountain Radar but the Escort radar detectors were all well over $200 and the Rocky Mountain Radar detectors all fell way below the acceptable performance level.

So I researched and I researched, then I researched some more. I read countless reviews and weeded out the reviews that weren't relevant, like when someone gave the detector a poor review because of slow shipping or because they dropped it and it broke. I won't explain the point system I used to arrive at these ratings, because I'm pretty sure you have to be awake to read this article! I also had some requirements of each detector before I would even consider putting them on this list. One of these was the ability to detect POP radar. This is the latest in law enforcement technology where, instead of sending out a steady band of radar, the guns emit a burst of microwaves that lasts about

1/15th of a second. If your detector is not equipped with the ability to detect POP radar, you will end up with a lot of tickets! The next requirement was 360-degree detection. This means that your detector can pick up radar and laser signals from the front, back and sides of your vehicle, ensuring total protection. Finally, they must be able to detect all radar bands used in the U.S. Another feature that I didn't have as a requirement, but is still awesome is VG-2 or Spectre immunity and detection. Many law enforcement vehicles are now equipped with this technology which allows them to detect your detector. Some of the detectors on this list come with immunity to this technology so that the police radar can't pick them up. I mention this because, while laser detectors are perfectly legal in all states, Virginia and Washington, DC both have laws against the use of radar detectors in any vehicle. Of course, it is your responsibility to know the laws and regulations in your state and city, I am not responsible for any discrepancies between what I've written here and actual laws! Without further ado, here they are:


5.) Beltronics Vector 955 $199.95

At this high end of the price range, I expected this model to get a little bit higher reviews, but it did perform well and has some great features. It has both audio and voice alerts, dark mode, and city/highway settings. This detector also comes with VG-2 immunity.

NOTE: If you purchase a Beltronics radar/laser detector from a "non-authorized" dealer, such as Amazon.com, Beltronics will not honor their warranty and consider it void!


4.) Whistler XTR-335 $119.95

This is a great detector at a great price. It comes equipped with voice alerts, 3 city modes and highway mode, Safety alert (will let you know when ambulance, fire truck, and other emergency vehicles are in the area,) dim mode, dark mode, quiet mode, alert priority (lets you know how imminent the radar is,) VG-2 immunity. A cool feature on this radar detector are the Low Profile Periscopes. These are essentially two small LED lights mounted in the top of the device that flash when an alert sounds. This way, if you're cruising with your stereo up too loud, you can still be alerted to trouble up ahead!


3.) Beltronics Vector 940 $169.95

Audio or voice alerts, dark mode, city/highway modes, 3 brightness levels, mute, safety alert mode, VG-2 immunity. This model got some excellent reviews, the only reason it didn't rate any higher is that it didn't have some of the stand-out features that the top 2 models have.


2.) Cobra XRS 970 $189.95

Ku band detection (this band is used mostly in Europe), voice alerts, safety alert mode, mute, signal strength alert (lets you know how close the po-po is!), auto-off mode (turns off when your vehicle is shut off, city/highway modes, dim mode, 8 pt. compass that lets you know which direction you're traveling in. This was a very popular detector and had a lot of great reviews, I feel that, due to the amount and content of the reviews, this is a trustworthy detector and any negative reviews had more to do with customer service, seller reviews or other issues not directly related to product performance!


1.) Cobra XRS 9945 $199.95

This model steals the number one spot because of awesome reviews and a seriously beefy list of features! It has a full-color display, is Spectre & VGN-2 immune, mute mode, Super-Extreme detection technology with super fast radar lock-on detection circuitry for maximum detection range, 1" LED screen, selectable color schemes, Ku band detection, voice alert, safety alert mode, 3 city modes & highway mode, signal strength alert, mute, auto-off mode, 8 pt compass and a car battery voltage meter that tells you the voltage of your car's battery and alerts you when it drops below 11.9 volts! As if this wasn't enough, you can also purchase the special GPS unit that will take this detector to the next level! These features include: Aura technology which alerts drivers to fixed speed and red light cameras. It also keeps a record of known speed traps that is updated daily through the GPS and alerts you to their presence. Intelliscope technology lets drivers know the direction the alerts are coming from. It also has a programmable speed alert feature where the driver can set in a desired speed and this radar detector will alert you when you exceed that speed. It also displays a digital speedometer and latitude and longitude information. This radar and laser detector got some seriously good reviews, and with features like this, it will do everything you need it to do and more!

I have two radar detectors that I felt deserved and "honorable mention,"


One is the Whistler XTR-265 priced at only $89.95!!! This "fuzzbuster" also features POP detection technology, Low Profile Periscopes, 3 city modes and highway modes, tone alerts, dim and dark modes, quiet mode, safety alert mode, and VG-2 immunity. The reason this didn't make my list was the fact that there wasn't a voice alert mode, and I think this is important as it helps you keep your attention on the road since you won't be looking at the detector to read the alerts. It also got slightly lower reviews than I thought it should have to make my list, but for the price, I think it deserves a mention!!


The other detector is the Cobra iRad 100 for $169.95. This detector hooks up to you iPhone or iPod Touch to give you a massive display screen plus you can use your iPhone or iPod to control the radar detector settings, keep alert logs and be warned of upcoming speed and red light cameras. The reason behind this detector not making my list, is because it would only appeal to a smaller group of consumers and because it is so new, there were very limited reviews.

So, if you are looking for the best cheap window mounted radar and laser detectors under $200, one of these models are the way to go. Of course, these detectors are not a replacement for safe driving practices so be careful and drive safe!