Maybe you got told to cut back on red meat, but love chili!  Don't worry, here is the best chicken chili recipe that you will love, and maybe just maybe, you will not go back to the red meat version again!  (Of course I love this recipe, and I have not gone back, but that is me!)The Best Chicken Chili RecipeCredit:

This is one of the easiest to make, is totally low in fat, high in fiber and all that good stuff, but the best part is it tastes great.  It can be frozen for other meals and still tastes great.  If you are looking for something quick and easy and hearty to make on those cold days then just make sure you have these ingredients in your kitchen.  This is also a great meal for kids to learn how to make, as it involves mostly opening cans.

What You Will Need:

Pound of Ground Chicken (most grocery stores sell either ground chicken or turkey now)

1 x Can of Condensed tomato soup (I used Campbells) do not add any water. 

1 x Can of baked brown beans including the sauce (I use the Heinz variety but whatever you like best)

1 x Can Stewed Tomatoes Chopped Italian style (These are canned tomatoes with added spices, I like the Italian ones, but you can get others depending on your tastes.)

1 x chopped onion

Lots of chili powder (to your taste)

You probably noticed that I didn't use kidney beans in this recipe.  I found it tasted better with the sweeter style brown beans with the chicken etc.

What to Do:

Brown onion in a bit of oil (you may need to add a bit of oil since the ground chicken will not produce much if any fat.)

Brown the ground chicken in with the onion.  Making sure it is well cooked with no pink showing.  Break it up as you are cooking it.

Once it is browned and cooked right through, you can then add the other canned ingredients.  I start with the tomatoes, then the baked beans and the tomato soup.

Stir well then add chili powder to taste. 

Let simmer for about 1/2 hour and then serve with crusty bread or garlic bread with cheese. (If you are changing your eating habits for health reasons, maybe don't add too much cheese to your bread!)

You can have a side salad with this for a meal. 

The best part about this chicken chili recipe is that you can play with the ingredients a bit, and add extra vegetables such as mushrooms or green pepper to make this a complete meal.

The baked beans with the ground chicken and chili creates a great taste.  I always use this recipe now, and it is a great chili recipe for anyone who has to watch their cholesterol or weight, as ground chicken is lower in fat.

If you are looking for sensible meals on that next camping trip, then other than carrying the ground chicken in a cooler, the rest of the ingredients are canned, and this can be cooked all in one pot.

If you love baked beans, then you will love this chicken chili recipe.  You can switch up most of the ingredients, but try it the way I listed it above first and see what your think.  You may like it enough that it becomes the main chili in your household.   Happy Eating!