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If you are looking for the best chimney starter for lighting your grill, then you would struggle to find a better one than the charcoal chimney starter from Weber.  Weber are at the top end of the market when it comes to producing quality grill products, and this product is no exception.

The price may seem a little excessive when you think about what you will be using it for.  However, when you compare it to other lesser known brand named products, that are similarly priced and promise the same results but don't deliver on them, you begin to realise the quality and efficiency the weber charcoal chimney starter offers is great value for money.


Light.., Light...,Light!

When I started cooking outdoors, I used a DIY contraption that my dad had made me to get the charcoal started.  This was fairly adequate, although not very user-friendly for the first summer I used it; but come the start of the next summer the DIY starter had its day.
Weber rapidfire charcoal chimney starter
I then picked up a cheap chimney starter from the local store, but after using this only a few times, I found the charcoal was taking way too long to get hot. This becomes very frustrating when you have a garden full of hungry family and friends, and no food under your kettle grill cooking.

The Solution

The Weber 7416 Rapidfire chimney starter was unknown to me until my uncle, who had been away on vacation visiting his relatives, told me this is what they used to get their grill started and he described the starter as awesome!  After my previous summer frustrations I was not ready to host another get together and be stressed to the max by a chimney starter that didn't do the job.

I found the chimney starter from Weber on Amazon for under $20.  It had over 350 reviews at the time from customers who had brought the product and had an average customer rating of 5 stars out of 5.  After skim reading the reviews I could see that users were
clearly impressed with the quality, efficiency and ease of handling the Weber.

The best charcoal chimney starter description    

The product description states that the weber starter system will light the charcoal quickly and evenly. The first time I used it they were ready in just over 10 minutes, The lit coals certainly filled my grill in one helping, and the described stay-cool thermoplastic handle
got a little warm, but not anywhere near enough to cause reason for concern. 

Finally, the wire grid on the Weber, allows the briquettes to light evenly and get hot quickly, which for me was the stand out feature compared to the cheaper model I used before.

How to Use a Charcoal Chimney


Lighting a charcoal grill is so simple and easy when using the rapidfire starter. Simply put a few sheets of newspaper under the cylinder and light a match to it.  The wire grid on the rapidfire allows the charcoal to heat to a hot temperature quickly. You will never need to use lighter fluid again.  It really is that easy.

I now own a few Weber grill accessories, because I now know from personal experience, that when you buy Weber, you buy quality.