Are you currently in the market for a beautifully retro floor lamp? Something that screams, “I’m from the past!” How about something that works well with your home or apartment décor? Retro floor lamps may be the best option to spruce up your place. And this article will show you some of the coolest designs there are for retro floor lamps. Here are a couple that might help you make that oh-so-difficult decision when buying the best retro floor lamp. I’d like to help you by collecting the data on each of the most popular retro lamps on Amazon and giving you this information. You’ll also see a couple customer reviews to help you decide.

For any of these lamps, you can go straight over to Amazon and find the best prices. And most of these won’t be on there for long. Retro floor lamps are in style lately and go pretty quickly. So let’s get to the reviewing and collecting of information. Here we go!

Retro Floor Lamp

The Adesso 3637-22 Shimmy Floor Lamp

The company describes this floor lamp in this way: “Each Shimmy lamp has a three-tier shade. Several rows of 2-1/2-inch chrome framed round paper disks dangle from each tier. The disks rotate freely, catching light from inside and outside the shade. Stick body and flat round base are chrome. Shade: 22-inch Height, 6-inch Diameter top tier, 10-inch Diameter middle tier, 15-inch Diameter bottom tier. Tiers are 3-inch apart.”

And one customer reviews their experience with their purchase. “This lamp has a retro look that works well in my bedroom. I'm crafty enough to put something like this together, but the instructions are straightforward. The paper disks hardly justify the price however the lamp is very sturdy and solid.” – CJ MiniDiva. And she gives this retro floor lamp a rating of 3 out of 5 stars because of the price.

Retro Floor Lamp(45593)

Kenroy Home Luella Floor Lamp

This piece of history is designed with brushed steel containing white and clear acrylic accents. It’s about 58 inches tall with a 15-inch diameter shade. One of the customers who gave this product a 4 out of 5 star rating said this about it.

“I'm very happy with the design of this lamp. The clear glass spheres and white beads near the top of the lamppost look even better in person than they look on the photo. The beads make this lamp more stylish than your average plain floor lamp w/ white shade, but it's simple enough that it fits in anywhere without clashing with furniture or decorations.

Assembly was also very easy. You just screw each section of the post together and then the lampshade is secured with a ring that screws it into place. It didn't require any tools.

Unfortunately the lampshade came with a few dirt smudges. I had to turn the shade so the smudges are facing the wall.

I uploaded a couple of photos of the lamp so that you can see the detail and shade up close.”
– Julia Cove

Retro Floor Lamp(45594)

Crackle Glass Font Retro Floor Lamp

This retro floor lamp with the crackle glass font and beaded shade is an amazing beauty to simply look at. As you can see by the picture, this floor lamp gives off a very retro look as if you’ve gone back in time to another era. This lamp uses a 150 watt bulb with 3-way lighting and is currently $155.99 on Amazon. A great price for such a unique floor lamp. So if you’re in the market for a Victorian looking lighting fixture, try this one out.

Retro Floor Lamp(45595)

Chrome Floor Lamp

This lamp is a little more modern than the others, but is unique in its own right. With three adjustable lights, this floor lamp stands 65 inches tall uses a max of 40-watt light bulbs. The simple description from the company is that “this is a great modern reading lamp and will look awesome with your decor as well as provide functionality.“ Although this may not be the best option for you, it may be the most reliable and inexpensive. The most recent customer said this about it.

“I recently purchased this lamp they are plastic shades ok I wont break them easily and it does look nice and modern. Came packaged nicely but NO Directions it was a little hard to put together, I have put a lot of things together my husband doing most assembly. Its not as sturdy as I would have liked, I have had about it a week and had to tighten 3 times now, I had to move it when old sofa left and new sofa came so it came loose, so place it where it wont be moved u may be fine, mine is staying put now but wished I had bought the one a little more expensive.” – Andrea

And then there’s the…

Retro Floor Lamp(45596)

Tob Retro/Modern Floor Lamp

A very simple design that integrates both modern and a retro feel to it, you will not be disappointed in this purchase. The bulbs are 150 watt incandescent with a three-way rotary action. The retro floor lamp stands at an impressive 66 inches and weighs 20 pounds. If this looks appealing to what you’re going for in your home or apartment design, go for it.


Retro floor lamps are a great way to add personality to your room. Whether you’re going for the artistic look and feel, or you’d like the antique aspect to create more conversations around the dinner table, hopefully this article is the best place to start for you.

 Are you looking for the best option for a retro floor lamp? Then any one of these may just work for your situation. Please feel free to come back and leave us a comment about your purchase. We’d love to have more data and input for others to see for themselves. To view any one of these retro floor lamps, visit and get more details about each of these. The best of luck to you in your search for the perfect retro floor lamp!

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