Toddler Gifts
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Finding the best Christmas gifts for toddlers depends on your ability to think with a clear head and not believe the hype. If you look through the toy catalogs, you will see a lot of offerings that will appeal to you, but you have to remember that you are an adult and you see things differently from a child. The toddler is in a very specific developmental age and will be drawn to only certain kinds of toys.  Their attention span is very short so gifts need to pull them in and keep their interest (at least for a few minutes).

Rules of Thumb

The toddler age is generally thought of from ages 3 to 6. It is at this stage that the child begins to develop both an active curiosity and a desire not only to explore their surroundings but how things work and what they can do. The more relatively engaging the toy in a freeform manner, the more successful it will be.

The best choices for a Christmas gift for a toddler will be the toy that doesn’t have a specific purpose. A good example of this type of toy would either be Play-Doh or a set of toy dishes. Both of these do not have a specific goal or purpose like a model or a game, but they can become whatever the toddler wants them to be. If you have ever watched a toddler at play, you know that a cardboard box can become a spaceship and a set of Tinker Toys a space age blaster.

Good Ideas, but don’t do them

As health and wellness gains popularity as a lifestyle, there are a lot of places advertising special packages geared towards toddlers and their moms. Everything from yoga passes to day spas, even rock climbing gyms are advertising themselves as Christmas gifts for toddlers and their moms. That is not to mention all of the toddler sport leagues that have sprung up.

These are great ideas but leave those ideas for other occassions if you must, use them at all.  While it seems like a good idea, the reality is that these Christmas gifts  still need arranging, fitting into the schedule, and lastly; will not be available when the child wakes up on Christmas morning.   Stick to ideas that will be for the toddler’s enjoyment and add some excite to that special day.

The Best Choices

One of the best suggestions for determining what would make a great gift for a toddler is to look at it and ask yourself the question, “What else could it be?” The more options you can come up with in your adult mind, the hundreds more ideas a toddler will have. Bright colors are always important, as are non-toxic paints and pieces that do not present a choking hazard.

Something to also try to be aware of is the toddler the gift is for. While  some kids will want the latest fad being shown on televison others will want something that they can play with for hours by themselves or with Mom and Dad. A never-fail idea is to pay attention to the types of things that your child enjoys and make a list of possible gifts that would fit his or her interest.   This will surely make you a success when your child heads under the tree to see what Santa has left.