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If you're having problems trying to decide which toy to buy for your 2 year old, read on to find out what my top 5 Christmas toys are for 2010!

1.) Fisher-Price Laugh N' Learn Learning Workbench $24.99 6mos-3yrs

Your child will have a blast tapping, pounding, spinning, sliding, and drilling with this great workbench. This toy teaches the alphabet, counting, shapes, colors and opposites. This will make the perfect Christmas gift for a 2 year old with it's 3 learning modes, more than 15 sing-along songs, fun sounds and phrases. There is a dancing drill, spinning vise, twirling paint roller, count & slide ruler and a rattling hammer they can use to pound the 3 light-up pegs. There is enough going on with this fun toy to keep your kid busy for quite a while! There is also a volume control button for quieter play.

2.) Fisher-Price Medical Kit $12.99 2-5 years

This is one of my personal favorites and I had on as a child. My daughter also loves her medical kit and taking care of me when I'm "sick!" It makes her feel important and grown-up to tell me what's wrong with me! I don't know a kid out there that wouldn't have a blast with this toy. There's no way you'll go wrong with this one, it's sure to be a favorite this Christmas and a long time after!

3.) Fisher-Price Nick Jr ABC 1-2-3 Sing Along $19.99 18mos - 4yrs

This little machine features characters like Dora, Diego, Pablo from the Backyardigans and Ming-Ming of the Wonder Pets. There are 3 modes on this player; numbers, ABCs and shapes with activities and music for each mode along with over 30 activities and games. There is also a sing-along microphone to bring out the diva in your child. One of the coolest features of this toy is that you can plug it into your computer via the included USB cord and go to the website where you can personalize the player with your child's name so that from then on the toy will call your child by name - how cool is that? Toys just didn't do that when I was a kid!

4.) Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Tee Ball Set $19.99 2-4 years

Most any kid in this age range loves the idea of hitting a ball with a bat, but few of them have the ability to actually do it and they can get frustrated. This tee-ball set takes care of that. The tee holds the ball steady while your kid takes as many whacks at it as it takes to hit a homer! Then, as your child grows, this tee is height adjustable and with as fast as kids grow out of stuff, it's nice to have at least one thing that grows with them - too bad they don't make shoes that do that!

5.) Fisher-Price See N' Say Farmer Says $13.99 18 mos - 3 years

While See N' Says may not have the nifty pull string anymore, they come with some great new features that make up for it! This toy features 16 different animals and their sounds, plus a quiz mode for more fun! It comes with two "flipable" pages to get in the maximum amount of fun. This is great for kids who are learning what an animal says. I think this would be fun for a younger child too, but an adult would need to pull the lever.

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