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Welcome to my top 5 picks for Christmas toys in 2010. This review covers my favorites for the 12-24 month age group. And here they are:

1.) Fisher-Price Little People Christmas On Main Street $39.99 18mos-4yrs

This toy is just plain adorable and I love almost anything in the Little People line of toys. This is a little town square, complete with a Candy Shop, Toy Store, and Bakery, getting ready to celebrate Christmas. There is a snow sled that can be used to carry goodies from each of the stores which include a tray of candy, a basket of cookies or a teddy bear. There is a Christmas caroler's stand complete with a light-up lamp post and when you place one of the people on it, it activates some great Christmas music. This set comes with 6 people and 2 "gingerbread" fence pieces. It is a very cute little toy and the pieces are just the right size for little hands to maneuver!

2.) Mega Blocks $19.99 12-24 mos

These are a toy that any kid will love! The bright colors make them fun to look at and they large interlocking pieces are easy for young kids to put together and pull apart. It is so much fun watching my daughter play with these and seeing what her imagination can come up with. My favorite is when she builds something really simple but tells me it's something really complicated like a computer! A definite winner in my book!

3.) Fisher-Price Little Superstar Classical Stacker $13.99 6-24 mos

Fisher-Price took a classic toy and added lights and music! Each of the 4 stackable stars has a different bright color and texture to stimulate the senses. This stacker comes with 5 songs to keep things interesting for your child. The classic toy without lights an music has been entertaining kids for decades and this version is sure to delight. This one would even be fun for a little younger child. They wouldn't be able to stack the stars, but they could certainly throw them around!

4.)Playskool Busy Basics Step Start Walk N' Ride $24.99 9-24 months

This toy does double duty. When your child is learning to walk, it helps to stabilize them so they can focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Then, it also converts into a ride-on car so they can scoot around. The locking mechanism is designed so your child cannot do it themselves, so you don't have to worry about them collapsing it on their fingers! The ride on mode is low enough to the ground so that a small child can easily make it scoot around the room.

5.) Fisher-Price Chatter Phone $7.99 12mo - 3yrs

There is a reason that this old-timer is still on the market - kids LOVE this thing! It's easy for kids to pull along behind them and the eyes go up and down as it moves. What kid doesn't love talking on the phone? This toy allows your child to play pretend with their very own phone! There are complaints that the pull cord and the cord from the receiver from the handset to the phone are too short but there were too many problems with strangulation hazards and choking hazards so the company has done this as a precautionary measure. Similar to this one, the puppy is a great hit, my daughter named hers "Waffles" and still plays with it at 4!

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