If you're looking to find a great toy for a Christmas gift for a 3-4 year old child, check out what I think of as the top 5 for this year:

1.) Mattel Sing-A-Ma-Jigs $12.99 3-5 years

These things are so weird but awesome at the same time! Kids will love their kooky looks and funny songs. This crazy "doll" has 3 modes; chatter mode in which they talk in a funny nonsense language, song mode where they sing goofy songs to a rhythm your child sets by squeezing their tummy and harmonizing mode where the dolls will harmonize perfectly with each other, so it's great to have two or more of these dolls! Their strange little mouths move as they sing and talk and even though I think these things are weird, I will most likely be getting one for my daughter!

2.) Pillow Pets $19.99 3-5 years

Doubtless you've seen the annoying commercial where a chorus of annoying voices sings, "it's a pillow…it's a pet…it's a pillow pet!" It's all I can do not to change the channel when it comes on and I even think the product is sort of ridiculous, but kids LOVE this thing! Maybe it's because they've seen them on TV or maybe there's something about them that I just don't understand. I even saw a review from a 19-year old that got it from her boyfriend and she absolutely loves it?? Whatever it is, kids want them and you'll have a hit on your hands with this Christmas gift! Oh yeah - they're machine washable and that is pretty cool!

3.)Alphie The Learning Toy Robot $39.99 3-5 years

This cool little character is a learning robot where you put a learning activity card in the front of his body and he talks you through some pretty sweet learning games and activities. Alphie has a cute little personality that will delight your child and I am totally torn between this toy and #4 on this list for my daughter's 4th birthday! He sings, quizzes them and plays games with your kids. There is a handle on his head that makes him easy to carry and a pocket in his back for card storage. This toy comes complete with 30 double-sided cards with over 350 questions and challenges!!! Then there are additional card packs you can purchase later!

4.) Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System $59.99 3-5 years

This one is pretty expensive but it is also pretty sweet! Here is a list of awards that this great toy has won so far: Dr Toy Best Vacation Product, National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval 2010, Creative Child 2010 Game of the Year, National Parenting Publications Awards 2010 Gold - whew, that's quite the list so there must be something here! This gaming/learning system has a touch screen so it's easy for your child to move the characters around the screen in order to play the game. It also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard so your child can become familiarized with typing and spelling. Included with the system are 1 game cartridge, soft cleaning cloth, and a USB cable that you can download bonus games from the Vtech website with! The games you can get for this system feature some of your child's favorite characters from movies like Toy Story and shows such as Dora The Explorer so your child will play with familiar faces. The games for this player are around $20 each, but I think it just may be worth it!

5.) Just Like Home 120 Piece Deluxe Playfood Set $16.99 3-6 years

Have you ever met a kid that didn't like to pretend to make food and serve it to their parents? This is one of my daughter's all-time favorite activities. This is a huge set of food with everything from fast food to veggies! It may be simple, but it will stimulate your child's imagination and pretend skills! It needs no batteries either!

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