A growing number of video games are become available for the Google Chrome browser. The variety and quality of the games varies considerably. Some games, such as Angry Birds, have moved onto the Chrome platform very well. Others, though, are far less entertaining and are not worth more than a few minutes of time.

For those who enjoy classic games, the library available through the Chrome store is great. In many instances, gamers play the games on external websites, but the gamers can find the game through the convenience of the Chrome store.

Here is a look at ten great classic games available on Chrome.

Great classic games on Chrome


Tempest is one of several Atari games that appears on the list. Tempest was released as an arcade game in 1981. It was a rather unique shooter in the game appeared in somewhat of a three-dimensional plane. Gamers would rotate their ships around to shoot the enemies, which appeared to be coming from a distance.

The online version retains the feel of the game, though in the original, gamers rotated a dial. The mouse does not quite feel the same. Nevertheless, it is worth checking out.

Yars Revenge

Yars Revenge was another game released in 1981, this time for the Atari 2600. This was another shooter game in which the user controls what appears to be an insect trying to shoot holes in a shield of the enemy. This is one of many games that one must play to appreciate.

Yars Revenge

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is one of the first games that many of us played. It was a simple exercise of controlling a little ship trying to shoot a wave of enemies descending on the player in rows.


Frogger is a rather simple game of a frog trying to cross a road and then trying to cross a stream. If the frog can get across the road without getting squashed and then avoid falling off log and  lily pads, then ... all is good.

Missile Command

Missile Command is a game that any nuclear war enthusiast would enjoy. The goal of the game is to prevent missiles from landing on the six cities that the player must protect. The mouse is a good substitute for the roller ball used in the original arcade version.

Missile Command


Asteroids is another shooter that takes place in outer space. The player rotates and moves the ship around, shooting and dodging asteroids in the process.


A yellow man with a large mouth avoids ghosts and eats pills and power-ups. Great fun, that Pacman game is.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong presents the challenge of controlling Mario as he climbs ladders, hurdles barrels, and saves the princess from a large gorilla.

Donkey Kong


Megamania may be less known than the other titles on the list. The game was somewhat similar to Space Invaders, except that players had to dodge things like falling hamburgers and falling dice. It proved to be a very addictive game on the Atari.


This list could not possibly be complete without Adventure, which is probably the best game ever made for the Atari. Find keys to open castles, find the sword to slay the dragons, use a bridge and magnet to help you along the way. In the end, find the chalice and win the game.