The Best Cinderella Gift Ideas For Adults - Perfect Gifts for Christmas or Birthdays

Not only is she beloved by children the world over, Cinderella has a strong and loyal following amongst adults who still believe that their Prince Charming is only a Fairy Godmother's wish away. Like other princesses such as Tinkerbell and Ariel, Disney has catered for adult Cinderella fans, with a range of gift items available for any budget. Be it Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, or a wedding present, here are some of the best gift ideas for adults to surprise that special princess in your life on her special day.

Cinderella Jewellery

Cinderella is featured heavily in jewellery offerings from Disney. Pandora charms of Cinderella's carriage, Cinderella's slipper and Cinderella's castle are eternally popular, with differing qualities of silver and gold to suit all budget levels. Cinderella is further represented with beautiful charm necklaces and gold or silver earrings. Prices range from $20 to over $1000 depending on quality. Amazon also offers a range of adult women's Cinderella watches and contemporary jewellery boxes.

Cinderella Pandora CharmCinderella Necklace

Cinderella Pyjamas/Sleepwear

Pyjamas make a fantastic present for the adult princess in your life. Although Disney does not have the same broad range of Cinderella sleepwear as they make available for children, or the variety that the offer in the Tinkerbell range, it shouldn't be too difficult to find several nice pieces to choose from. For ladies in colder climates, Disney markets toasty warm flannel pyjamas, many with additional undershirts for extra warmth. Thinner pyjamas, in both long pant and short varieties are perfect for warmer climates or summer evenings. Recently, Disney has expanded their range of adult women's PJ's to include maternity pyjamas, giving extra support and comfort to the expecting mother. The biggest problem with finding Cinderella sleepwear from Disney is that there is no one place to see all of the official merchandise at the same time. The official Disney online store will have a different range to Amazon which will have a different range to your local (and online) Walmart. To see the full range of items available at any time will require spending time looking across all of these sites.

Cinderella Art

It is one thing that Disney does better than any other company, it is their ability to return to their roots as an animation company and produce amazing art work in support of its major characters and franchises. Cinderella, as a beloved princess, is no exception. Artwork ranges from $15 for prints, up to $100 for limited edition prints or non limited edition oil canvases, through to up to $500 for limited edition oil canvases to over $1000 for one-off official oil canvases. There are hundreds of items for sale through the Disney Store, Amazon and Ebay and it is easy to find a nice piece in your desired price range.

Cinderella Snow Globes

The range of Disney produced snow globes of the princesses are truly mind blowing. With simple plastic snow globes aimed at children, through to enormous, delicate glass creations that are breathtaking. Focusing on Cinderella's castle, her relationship with Prince Charming and her ornate carriage, the range changes constantly, so check the Disney online store or Amazon to view the latest offerings.

Cinderella Snow Globe

Cinderella Adult Costumes

Although Cinderella costumes for children have long been a popular item, Disney until recently has resisted the urge to release princess costumes for adults. The ones that they have released in the last 18 months are not of the greatest quality, being designed to be worn as Halloween or fancy dress parties. For a serious fancy dress party, or to be worn as an evening, prom or even wedding dress it is best to ignore the official Disney adult women's costume and explore the costumes in the Cosplay field. Cosplay is the art of participants donning costumes and accessories to represent a specific character, original popular in Japan but has more recently seen a surge of popularity in the west, especially in the fields of comic book and computer game characters. A variety of manufacturers make high quality and accurate reproductions of Cinderella's famous dress, with prices generally ranging from between $60-$150 for an entire outfit. A quick Google search of Cinderella Cosplay will give a good indication of the prices and quality of the items that are available from independent suppliers not aligned with Disney.

Cinderella Cakes

Special birthday or anniversary cakes are not the sole domain of children. Although Disney sell official Cinderella cake toppers, these are very much aimed at children. A top notch speciality cake maker should have the skill set to make a cake look almost like anything. In recent years, Cinderella carriage and glass slipper cakes have become extremely popular choices for wedding or engagement cakes and the reproduction of Cinderella's Castle faithfully reproduced in icing will always remain a crowd favourite. The cost of these cakes will vary markedly depending on the intricacy of the design, the size of the cake and the skill and reputation of the cake decorator, but the Internet is full of classic examples of what can be done on various budgets and it shouldn't be hard to find an idea that will perfect for that special day.

Cinderella Cake

Cinderella Car Presents

Nothing says "Ultimate Cinderella Fan" than Cinderella merchandise to transform your gift recipients car from a simple mode of transport to an ornate carriage, fit for a royal princess. Amazon has a wide range of antenna toppers, such as Disney approved royal carriages, pumpkins and crowns, to give a car a visual appeal from afar. For inside the vehicle, there is a wide selection of Cinderella and Disney Princess gift ideas including car seat covers, car mats, dashboard protectors, reflective windscreen shades, steering wheel covers, license plate holders and window decals.


Not just the domain of children, a Cinderella gift could be the perfect present for a special occasion. With a variety of different gift ideas, including Pandora charms, items for the car, artwork and costumes, I trust that one of these ideas will be the perfect surprise for the special princess in your life.

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