Undeniably, even some of the best closet organizer drawers fail their purpose - and not through any fault of their own. The main problem is: people tend to misuse these drawers and end up with more mess than ever before.

The 2 ways of guaranteeing that we use these attachments efficiently are: to make sure that we never go overboard, and that we choose the exact type of drawers to suit our needs.

So, if you are currently shopping around for closet organizer drawers or you already have these but you can't seem to put them in any effective use, here are some things you might want to consider.

Consider carefully the type of fabric you would like to store. This is one of the most overlooked elements when it comes to choosing drawers. People think that drawers are drawers are drawers - until they start storing fragile items like silk ties and lingerie.

If you do have some pieces of garments that would need extra care, try to choose drawers with built-in fabric lining like silk or tweed or suede. Not only will this help prolong the life of the stored garments, but it also keeps that woody or plastic smell off the clothes.

Lined drawers are of course more expensive than the un-lined ones, but if you are storing not-so-delicate items like socks and sweat suits, wooden or plastic drawers should do fine.

Use the drawers according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This too is a common mistake foible among closet owners.

How many of us buy underwear drawer organizers, which we then stock with silk ties? How many of us buy large garment drawers which we keep some of our dress shoes in? How many of us buy tie cubbies which we then use as storage for our jewelry and other small keepsakes?

If you really want to save money and successfully organize your closet, it would do well to buy the exact type of drawer for the exact type of recommended garments (or items) to be stored.

Lastly, the 2 main purposes of closet organizer drawers are: to store items so that they do not look jumbled up and to segregate items so that these could easily be stored or accessed to.

Unfortunately, some of us tend to cram all our items into one closet drawer and some closet shelving. It would be best to buy multi-tiered drawers to accommodate everything you want to store.

Or better yet, you might want to consider moving some of your items out of the closet and into a separate cabinet nearby for some better closet organizing.

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