Best Cloth Diapers
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Cloth diapering I love you, let me count the ways....

Finding the best cloth diapers and using them is one way to make one of the least fun parts of parenting and motherhood into one of the most fun.  How, you say?  Well, if you are not familiar with all the new fangled cloth diapers, get ready to be amazed at the multitude of patterns, types, and colors, and at the extreme amount of cuteness that employing these diapers can produce!  In other words, babies just look cute with fluffy butts!

I am going to try and give you the best one or two diapers in each category, such as Pockets, All in Ones, fitteds and prefolds. 

---Pre-Fold diapers---

Prefolded diapers are one of the most economical of diaper choices.  They are essentially a rectangular piece of absorbant, layered fabric that you tri-fold into a waterproof cover.

Bumkins Unbleached Prefold Diapers

I really like the simplicity of these diapers.  The nice thing about them being unbleached is that if you are concerned about the possibility of harsh chemicals coming into contact with baby's behind, you can know that these diapers have had a more natural preparation. 

The infant size of these diapers works with babies from 7-15 pounds.  They are very economical because you can get 6 of these for around 14 bucks, which means you're paying about 2.33 per diaper!  Of course, you also need to factor in needing waterproof diaper covers.  But the waterproof diaper covers don't need to be changed as often as the prefolds, so if you had 18 prefolds, you could get away with buying only 5 or 6 covers.  They usually range from about 7 bucks all the way up to 20 each. 

Osocozy Indian Prefolds

Osocozy Indian Prefolds

These are my personal favorite prefold diaper.  There are 2 main"models" of the prefold (and countless other iterations, but these are the main 2.)  The chinese prefold, which is the most durable but slightly rougher in feel, and the Indian prefold, which is slightly less durable, but much softeron the baby's skin. 

I love the indians because of how soft they wash up after a few washings.  And the Osocozy brand has the added benefit of being unbleached, for fewer chemicals coming into contact with baby's sensitive skin.

Again, the infant size fits from 7-14 pounds, and the premium fits 15-30 pounds. 

---Fitted Diapers---

Fitted diapers are really the next "step up" in price ang fanciness from the prefolds.  These are absorbant diapers that still require a waterproof cover to be used, but are already shaped with leg gussets and fasteners.  These are better at containing messes and leaks, and usualy have a higher absorbancy than the prefolds. 

Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers

These things are awesome.  I think at one point I had 12 of these in all different colors.  They are very soft, almost like a very fine weave, high-grade terry cloth.  The have lots of elastic and gussets, and are very good at containing those messes.  These are especially great for those newborn days. 

Here is some more info on the Kissaluvs[1]:

  • Custom made and beautifully textured fabrics help contain even the runniest poop
  • Stretchy elastic at leg and back openings for a leak proof and snug fit without binding
  • Sturdy plastic snap closures easy access for parents, not so easy for curious toddlers
  • Unique fit with low-rise front (prevents stomach constriction) and full coverage in back
  • Simplicity of design, especially popular with dads and babysitters
Thirsties Fab Fitteds

Thirsties Fab Fitteds

Thristies Fab fitteds are another high quaity fitted cloth diaper.  The main advantage to these is that they only come in 2 sizes.  With most fitted diapers coming in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes, this feature can save you some serious cash.

And they still fit great, because of all the rows of adjustable snaps. 

But you also have to consider the fact that, like other fitted diapers, these require the use of a waterproof diaper cover.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Meadow, Size One (6-18 lbs)
Amazon Price: $13.25 $11.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 27, 2015)

---Diaper Covers---

Waterproof diaper covers are required for the use of prefold and fitted diapers.  Here are the ones that I have had the best luck with.

Thirstied Duo Wrap
Credit: product listing

Thirsties Duo Wrap

Like their fitted counterpart, these Thirsties brand diaper covers are the uber-adjustable kind with only 2 sizes to buy.  This makes it easier to diaper multiple children who are close in age, and just makes it cheaper in general than buying so many different sizes.  The only downside to the multi-size fitted cover is that sometimes the adjestable ones have a slight disadvantage in achieving that perfect fit.

Bumkins One Size Diaper Cover

Even better than a sized diaper cover is a one size diaper cover, right? 

From the amazon.comproduct description[2]:

"These one size diaper covers are designed to grow with your baby. Snaps on the front of the diaper cover allow you to adjust sizing to fit your baby.  Wash these diaper covers on hot in the washing machine or by hand. "


---All In One Diapers---

All in one diapers are the easiest to use-- simply put on and take off like a disposable diaper.  No stuffing ar adjusting neccesary.  There is no waterproof diaper cover required, as the outer layer of these diapers is a waterproof one.

Bum Genius Freetime All In One diaper

Bum Genius is one of the most popular brands of cloth diapers in the world.  This newest addition to their line makes them more convenient yet! The fabric on the outside of these diapers is waterproof, yet if feels soft like fabric.  Actually, depending on the cost of the fitted and cover you use, all in ones can actually be a more economical choice, and they are certainly earsier to use!

---Pocket Diapers---

Pocket diapers are a waterproof outer shell, attatched to a stay-dri inner liner that you stuff with an obsorbant insert.  Then you just use them like you would a disposable diaper. There is no waterproof diaper cover required, as the outer layer of these diapers is a waterproof one. You do, however, need an absorbant insert, which comes with the diaper.

bumGenius One-Size Hook & Loop Closure Cloth Diaper 4.0 - Ribbit
Amazon Price: $28.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 27, 2015)

Bum Genius One Size Pocket Diapers

Again, Bum Genius comes out on top.  I just really haven't  found anything ese that compares to the quality and the durability of the Bum Genius.  I have used these diapers over multiple chidren, and they are still going strong.

That's all folks!

Through my years and multiple babies of cloth diapering, those we the diapers that came out on top.  I hope that my list of best cloth diapers has been helpful to you!