Las Vegas Club

Visitors to Las Vegas are constantly asking their cab drivers and hotel desk clerks which clubs are the best for a guy to go to meet women. The short answer is that none of the clubs are good to go to. They are huge stag fests with overpriced alcoholic drinks. If you truly want to meet a woman in Las Vegas, then the clubs are the wrong place to go to.

Many visitors to Las Vegas are under the assumption that the clubs' are filled with drop dead gorgeous women, and they can easily hook up with them for the night. These guys are under the wrong impression. The upscale clubs in Las Vegas do have a lot of gorgeous women that visit, but unless you aCountry bars Rockre young, rich, and handsome you will be lucky to even get into the club. If you do happen to get into one of the clubs, you will be surprised at the way things are there. Even if you are young, rich, and handsome, you will still get milked for expensive alcohol costs. In fact, many of the clubs do not have anywhere you can sit down on a buys night unless you buy a bottle of wine, they the club allows you to have a table where the honeys can come hang out with you. It's a joke and it is funny that people still think they are cool because they went to an up-scale club in Las Vegas.

If you truly want to meet women in Las Vegas, then you have a lot of options. Going to the club is stupid. There are many traditional bars with dance floors and you will have a lot more fun, as well as not spend as much money. Do you want a chick that wears a $500 dress and then vomits on it at the end of the night or do you want to go to a country bar with a chick wearing Wranglers and keeping up with the boys on beer drinking. I would choose the latter, what about you? Image Credits: (Flickr/kaloozer) (Geoff Scott/Picassa)