Choosing the best coffee maker isn’t going to be the easiest of tasks with all the options you have out there. It is likely to be a lot more complicated especially if this is your first coffee maker.

Your cup of coffee has an interestingly long history. Coffee’s origins date back several centuries, with early references of coffee use in Ethiopia and early cultivation of coffee by the Arabs in the 14th century and it was a good two centuries later when coffee consumption began to become popular in Europe. Over the centuries, as cultivation and consumption of coffee became ever more popular, the technology decided to take a closer look at the coffee making process and voila – we have the coffee maker.

Fortunately this article is not meant to be a history of coffee or the coffee maker but a guide to help you decide which coffee maker would make the most sense for you from among the plethora of options out there.

To make your life easier below is a detail of the best coffee makers you should definitely consider:

The Chemex Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

The Chemex Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker – If a style statement on your kitchen counter interests you then this is one coffee maker you need to consider and its aesthetics is one of the main reasons it is on this list. The coffee maker has a polished wooden band over a clear glass body. To further add to the classic styling is the leather tie again in elegant rawhide. Moving away from the looks and onto other specifics, the Chemex is a manual drip coffee maker. Many would argue that these work to make better tasting coffee. Do remember that the Chemex coffee maker requires that water be heated separately.

One of the most important points to note is that it is comparatively easier to clean. Simply throw away the filter and rinse the glass. The coffee maker has no small parts or tubes that are difficult or time consuming to clean. This coffee maker is also electricity free and since you don’t need to plug it in, it can be easily moved around to make space on your kitchen counter if necessary.

There are some aspects though of the Chemex coffee maker that may not be to your liking and these should definitely be considered before making a purchase. Although most of the components are easy to clean, the reservoir bottom can be a bit difficult to reach. If your one of those people who rinses their coffee maker soon after making a cup of coffee that shouldn’t be a problem. But if you get to the rinsing part after the residue dries, it will take a little effort to get some sort of scrubbing mechanism into the reservoir to scrub the base clean.

Making coffee in the morning isn’t necessarily the quickest on this machine. Expect the early morning 5-6 minute effort to get your hot cup. But there are quite a few people, including myself, who enjoy that early morning routine of pouring and watching as the coffee is made ready in anticipation of the joy that is to follow. 

Chemex 10-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker
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(price as of Oct 10, 2014)

Since there is no induction heating base, if not covered, your coffee can get cold rather quickly. You could however get these lids to keep the cups warm longer.

In short the Chemex coffee maker allows you to make great tasting coffee but will require a little effort from you to get the quantities and level of ground coffee right to get the perfect cup of coffee.

Chemex CMC Glass Coffeemaker Cover
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(price as of Oct 10, 2014)

Zojirushi Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

This isn’t the cheapest coffee maker out there but it does seem to justify its price. Something that a lot of people find extremely useful is the fact that the water reservoir can be removed to pour water into rather than have to move the whole machine. The Zojirushi uses cone bottom filters that many would argue work a lot better than flat bottom filters. The coffee maker does take about 5 minutes to brew but makes great tasting coffee. You might find some reviews regarding the coffee not being hot enough but I beg to differ. I have always felt the coffee was just the right temperature.

The manufacturer says that unlike their regular products, this one has been designed from the outside in to not only make sure the technology used is the best, but the machine also looks great.

Another thing you will like about the Zojirushi is the fact that it is lightweight, but at the same time, isn’t flimsy. The filter is placed in the carafe on these models making sure the coffee never drips outside the carafe.

The Zojirushi is easy to clean and comes in a neat design. Although you may find it difficult to find your preferred color if it isn’t grey. Something a lot of people are going to like is that leaving the pot on the burner for up to 10 minutes is not going to burn your coffee(although I don’t recommend it and there is in my opinion a very slight taste of burnt coffee if you leave it on for that long). The controlled heating of the hot plate may not be to everyone’s liking but for someone who always forgets to take off the pot, this would be quite valuable. The Zojirushi though does not have an auto shutdown function and this might be a deal breaker for some.   

All in all the Zojirushi Zutto is a great all round product that merits a place in any “best coffee makers” list for trouble free, easy, early morning refreshment.


Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker
Amazon Price: $88.00 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Oct 10, 2014)

There are a ton of other coffee makers out there in all shapes, sizes and specifications but the two mentioned above seem to hit a chord with quite a lot of people including myself.

Happy coffee maker shopping!