For those searching for the best computer for seniors can actually look no further than the Telikin brand.

The Telikin brand's total mission was to create a computer that people 60 and over felt comfortable using.  And the product has hit the market with rave reviews citing optimal screen size and resolution, the ease of use with a touch screen and the ability for this company to come up with a way to intergrate everything from weather, news, email, games and pictures all on one beautiful page.

Video is even integrated on the front page. No longer does anyone need to browse through the start page to figure out how to launch a video application to talk to family miles away.

But the real beauty about this computer is that it’s so easy to use and powerful, that the whole family can operate. So what turned into a computer for seniors has evolved into an easy to use PC for an entire family.

That says a lot about a device that now wants to span many different generations.

And it’s possible that you may not have even heard of Telikin, it’s actually better known as the AARP WOW! Computer.  The AARP put its stamp of approval on the senior PC for all of the reasons I write about below.

What Makes the Telikin so User Friendly for Seniors and the Elderly Alike?

The Telikin Computer for Seniors

The AARP WOW! Computer for SeniorsCredit: Telikin

  • A Streamlined All In One Design:  No longer do you have to worry about a bulky heavy tower at your feet. This powerful computer for seniors takes all the memory or brains of the computer and places it in the 18 or 20 inch screen (your choice). Of course you get an easy to read keyboard, but why not use the pretty touchscreen to do all the basic web browsing from quick checking of your email to checking on the new pictures your children just sent you of the grandkids.
  • Dedicated Phone Support and Quick Start Videos: Most companies can’t say that all of their phone support is U.S based. This means a lot to many who want to know that the dollars they spend in the U.S stay in the US. Additionally, there are easy quick start videos that show how to send an email, or how to launch a word processing application so that you can write a letter and even how to print the letter you’ve just written. Literally there are hours of videos on the Telikin computer for seniors to get you going. There is also a subscription service for a nominal monthly fee to teach a senior how to use a PC for $9.95 a month.
  • Virus Resistant: We all sometimes have a tendency to download things or even get directed to sites with less than honorable intentions of providing good content. Let’s face it, there are some dubious sites online whose sole aim is to cause havoc on your
  • Built in Apps and Customer Interface: Never again search around for Facebook, Skype, Your Email, and Weather, local and national news because it’s all on one page. All of your favorite programs that you use on a regular basis are right in front of you.
  • Powerful Memory and Processor:  This computer for older people packs a powerful punch too especially for watching movies, playing games, writing emails and surfing the net. And luckily Telikin didn’t scrimp on any other cool specs found in most up to date computers today. We’re talking AMD dual core 1.6Ghz dual processor, 4 USB Ports, a touch panel screen, 1 HDMI output, a web cam and microphone and so much more.

There you have it. If you're looking for the best computer for seniors you can't go wrong with Telikin. This is the ONLY brand designed just for seniors and the elderly.

Telikin Elite 20" Touchscreen Computer (1.6Hz Dual Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive)
Amazon Price: $1,199.00 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 14, 2016)
The Telikin Computer for Seniors is best known for its ease of use, touchscreen capabilities and its large readable screen.