The grilled cheese sandwich is a classic, easy-to-make, delicious food. The recipe is simple and the result is incredibly tasty. It has always been a favorite for kids as well as adults. There are several different recipes for the grilled cheese sandwich, but I guarantee that if you follow these steps, this will be the best one you'll ever have. The ingredients are probably already stocked in your kitchen. This recipe is not for those who long for an exotic, wild, extravagant meal, but for the traditional, delicious, simple grilled cheese sandwich that you've loved since childhood. I find it best to stick to the basics with my recipe. In today's era of cooking, it seems as if popular trends are leaning towards the healthy approach. This is by no means a healthy recipe, but a delicious one meant to please your taste buds.

Things You Will Need

Stove, Frying Pan, Spatula, Knife, Butter, Bread, Sliced Cheese

Step 1

Delicious Grilled Cheese (36843) The first step in making the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich you'll ever taste, is to be prepared. Lay out all of the materials next to each other so that you're not running around the kitchen while trying to make the grilled cheese sandwich. By having the materials close by, you will be more prepared in the recipe process.

Step 2

Place the frying pan on the stove. Turn the heat on the stove to medium temperature until the pan gets heated. This shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. Once the pan is heated, the buttering process begins. The butter is a necessity, used to keep the grilled cheese sandwich from burning in the frying pan, and also to add a buttery flavor that enhances the grilled cheese. Real butter works way better for the overall taste of the grilled cheese, opposed to butter substitutes and spray butter. As I mentioned earlier, this grilled cheese recipe is not associated with the healthy food movement, but its main goal is the taste factor.

Step 3

Once the butter starts sizzling and is spread throughout the pan, lightly butter one side of each slice of bread. This also adds flavor to the grilled cheese sandwich. There is such a thing as using too much butter, so use your own judgement on how much butter you should spread out across each side of the bread. Taste is completely subjective and everyone appreciates different amounts of butter. Personally, I mainly spread a thin layer of butter around the center of the slice of bread and leave the areas around the crust unbuttered. I would recommend using white bread for a better taste, however wheat bread works just as fine and won't destroy the grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

Step 4

Place two slices of American cheese between the unbuttered portions of the bread. Two slices makes all of the difference between a mundane grilled cheese sandwich, and a grilled cheese sandwich that's so good that you will reminisce to your grandchildren about one day. Be sure to use American cheese, because the other types of cheeses just won't do justice. Fresh deli cheese works the best, however packaged cheese from the grocery store works just as well for this grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

Step 5

Place the grilled cheese sandwich in the middle of the heated, buttered pan. Let the grilled cheese sandwich simmer and cook. The cooking process should only take around 2-3 minutes, but check the bottom of the buttered side of the bread that's against the bottom of the pan. Too much heat can ruin the grilled cheese sandwich, so make sure that it doesn't burn too much. Personally, I prefer a little bit of a burn to my grilled cheese sandwich in order to enhance the flavor. Once the bottom side of the grilled cheese sandwich seems cooked, flip the sandwich over with the spatula, and wait until the opposing side of the grilled cheese sandwich is cooked.

Step 6

During the cooking process, you can lightly squeeze the grilled cheese down against the frying pan with the spatula. This somewhat flattens the sandwich against the butter to add flavor, and also slightly reshapes the texture of the grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese melts evenly against both sides of the bread if you flatten it this way. This section is optional, because it isn't a key part of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich recipe. Taste isn't altered much if you opt out of partaking in this step.

Step 7

Awesome Grilled Cheese If you followed the steps correctly, your grilled cheese sandwich should be amazing. This is the best grilled cheese sandwich recipe you will ever find, because I've perfected it. I've tried a multitude of different cheeses, breads, and ingredients, and this is the flawless combo that can never disappoint. It may not seem that outrageous, but the traditional forms are usually the best.

The grilled cheese sandwich recipe that I've presented is one of the best that you will find. It stands perfectly fine alone, however if you want, you can compliment it with a bowl of soup. I prefer to use chicken noodle or tomato.  Even different types of ramen noodle soup are good to go side by side with this meal.  Remember that the grilled cheese sandwich is delicious when dipped into a bowl of your favorite soup and then eaten. Potato chips also compliment the sandwich extremely well. This recipe is extremely delicious for a quick meal. You can cook it in no time and satisfy everyones hunger and taste. You can not go wrong by sticking to this simple, tasty, classic.

Tips & Warnings

When cooking the sandwich, be sure to watch the stove. Do not multi-task while cooking because it could burn the sandwich or your kitchen. Safety is key!