Does your foot hurt when you wake up in the morning? If so, you might have planar fasciitis.

For about a year, the bottom of my left foot hurt. When I got up in the morning, I could hardly walk. A little later in the day it started to feel better, but if I sat down at my desk (which I do most of the day as a financial advisor), the pain would come back. Eventually the pain was bad enough to send me limping to the podiatrist. He said, “It sounds like plantar fasciitis. Why don’t you try a night splint?”

The Miracle Cure to My Foot Pain that Worked Overnight

Not only was I glad to know there was a name for my pain, but I was happy to try anything. I ordered the Freedom ® Dorsal PF Night Splint. The day I got it, I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. It was simple to wrap on before I went to sleep, and like magic, when I woke up in the morning, I could walk.

I could have been one of those people on a TV evangelical program shouting, “I can walk! I can walk! It’s a miracle.”

What You Need to Know About Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

  1. Wear a sock underneath to keep the device clean.
  2. I like the easy-to-wear style of the “Freedom” brand, but the other ones are good, too. If you are really suffering, try the one by Healwell.  Also, make sure you buy the correct size and for the correct foot. 
  3. Wear it every night so that the cure lasts.
  4. Do stretches during the day. My podiatrist showed me a few, and I found this YouTube which demonstrates them:

Check with your doctor. Though I don’t think you’ll harm yourself using a night splint (and I bet you’ll find it helpful), you should be sure to get a doctor checkup. I shouldn’t have waited a year until I got my foot checked.

If you are can’t stand the foot pain anymore, try a plantar fasciitis night splint. You wake up walking!