If dancing is in your heart, the dance clubs in Boston will definitely captivate you. Most of them are open only during the night but that doesn't mean you will not find one during the day time too. Once you are inside these clubs, you will be carried away by the variety of music like techno, house music, R&B, classical rock, reggaeton, hits of 80s and Top numbers in 40s, all with the start of DJs.

The Gypsy Bar in Boston's theatre district is one of the popular dance clubs in Boston meant exclusively for those above 21 years. It is kept open from 10pm to 2pm, Thursdays to Sundays. It is quite a small Dance Clubs In Bostonbar with only a large jelly fish tank as the only main decor. But there is a large dancing floor at the back where you will find lots of people dancing away.

Want to go to one of the few places where you can stroll in your jeans and tees? Try Phoenix Landing. It's an Irish pub and a great weekend dance destination. Very popular with the locals, you will not hear much about this place, because the people in the know want to keep it a secret!

Another well kept secret among the Bostonians is Kells of Boston. This is an Irish American pub with two levels and a couple of dance floors. Both a restaurant and a nightclub Kells dishes out some fantastic retro and disco music.

On the other side of town near Fenway Park you have An Tua Nua (new beginning in Gaelic), an Irish pub which serves delicious food. By 10pm, you get the mood of dancing as the DJs take over and soon you will be surprised to find this place turned into one of the more popular dance clubs in Boston. Here the crowd is usually a mixture of students, people from the neighborhood and dance lovers. Wednesday nights are exclusive days in An Tua Nua as this day is exclusive for Salsa. On Sundays, a weekly Boston dance party is hosted, called Utopia. On this occasion you find both, expert dance lovers and new comers.

Rise is yet another dance club in Boston which opens late, when all the other clubs have stopped serving alcohol as per the rules of the government. Only members can enter this club and it is open only on Fridays and Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays also when Monday is a holiday.

You will find a wide variety of dance clubs in Boston. If you are in search of old school rap, hip-hop, techno and Latin music, then Venu is the right choice for you. It is the meeting place of all dance lovers from different sides of the city.

Every dance club in Boston is unique in its own way, whether they provide Latin music, light shows, international or techno music. But care has to be taken to check on the dress code and the minimum age requirements for entry into any club. And always remember most of these clubs start at 11pm and close by 2am.

The Dance clubs in Boston are many but each one is famous for its own special features in its dance floors. It is a great platform for meeting new faces and many lasting relationships have their base established in these dance floors.

The Dance clubs in Boston are not only a center of attraction for people of Boston alone, but tourists too. These clubs leave ever lasting memories in each and every tourist's mind as these tourists enjoy dancing to the beat of their favorite music. This unique pleasure is not always found in dance clubs in other places. No matter whether it is a large or small dance room, the crowd is usually more especially during weekends when people are in a relaxed mood after a week's busy schedule. Once they enter these dance clubs they are totally in a different world.