What is the best deck stain is the question you are probably asking yourself if you are preparing to stain your deck, because nobody wants to spend a lot of time or money staining their deck just to find out that the stain they used was inferior in some way. There are four important things to question when choosing the best deck stain. Does it look good? Will it protect my deck from the elements? Is it easy to apply? How much will it cost? Now that we no what to look for lets start looking.

Choosing the best deck stain

With all the deck stains on the market it can be easy to get frustrated and just grab the cheapest thing on the shelf. That would not be a good idea considering all the money you've spent on your deck. A little research can go a long way in choosing the best deck stain. So whether it's a recently built deck or one that has been around a few years here is the best deck stain you can buy, One Time Wood. The reason it is the best desk stain is that it answers the entire group of questions perfectly.

Does it look good?

Let's start with the first question. Does it look good? With five colors to choose from natural, red cedar, clove brown, golden honey and chestnut there is sure to be a color that will look great. To help chose the color you want you can find examples on line that show each one on a sample of different kinds of wood cedar and treated wood for example. If you prefer to see an actual piece of wood that's been stained you can see if you're local retailer has samples.

Does it protect?

Next will it protect my deck from the elements? This is arguably the best feature of One Time Wood. First it is a proprietary acrylate resin that penetrates deep into wood and cures in natural sunlight. According to the web site it has a seven year warranty but can last even longer. This is compared to other stains that stay on the surface and eventually wash away and only lasting a year or two. The company claims their test have protected wood for eight years with no signs of fungal growth, warping, cupping, or splitting.

Is it easy to apply?

Yes, One Time Wood very easy to apply. It can be applied with a brush, low nap roller, paint pad, or even with an airless paint sprayer. The deck will need to be prepared before application which is usually not much more than a good washing with a good deck cleaner and removing any stains. Anything not removed will be permanently sealed in the wood. One coat is all that is needed for good coverage and coverage depends on what shape your deck is in when you start. If your deck is a few years old it will probably take a little more than a new deck. Average coverage is around 300 square feet which is 2-3 times the square footage of conventional woods treatments. Before applying check the weather, you need 48 hours with out rain to give the stain enough time to cure.

How much does it cost?

The cost is not as much as you wood think considering you are getting the best deck stain money can buy. At $75 to $85 for one gallon and $330 to $360 for five gallons, the price difference depends on the color you chose natural being the cheapest. This might sound like a lot but if you consider that you only need to apply it ever seven years compared to one or two years of a competing brand it can actually be cheaper in the long run. You can purchase One Time Wood on line or check their web site for a retailer near you.

Staining your deck might not be the most fun thing you will do this summer but at least now you know that you have chosen the best deck stain for the job. And just think you won't have to do it again for seven more years.