The Purpose of a Detox Diet Plan

The most popular reason people choose to tackle a detox diet plan is because you feel unwell and rundown or fatigued. Some people start a cleanse challenge because they feel as though their immune system is rundown and they are getting sick too often with things like colds, the flu, and fungal infections and want to detoxify their system.

Just food and drink or also activities

There are countless different schemes and programs out there that claim to help you detoxify. Any ingredient, food, drink, or activity might be made the focus and “secret technology” in order to sell some books or DVDs. The basics of cleansing and detoxification are not rocket science so don’t be taken in by fast talking internet marketers or infomercials spokesmodels.

How many days: 1, 3, 7, weekend.

You see advertisements for the 1 day detox diet, a weekend detox diet, a  three day detox diet, and a 7 day detox diet plan. The fact is that before looking at the nuts and bolts of any one of these plans you should be aware that this is a marketing ploy. There are many things you can and cannot do in one or three days, so you should go in with realistic expectations and avoid shelling out huge amounts of cash for a miracle wellness treatment.

Whole Body or Just a Part

Some programs will focus on overall wellness, while others will look to improve the functioning of just one body part or area of the body.

Liver Detox Diet

The liver is a remarkable organ but when it becomes overtaxed, the rest of the body will suffer. People can start this diet as part of an alchohol detox diet, to try to undo some of the damage to the liver that heavy drinking can cause. There are many other reasons the liver might be overtaxed and in bad shape besides alchohol. The liver can become fatty or inflamed from poor food choices and obesity, as well. I have taken milk thistle for many years in support of my gluten and dairy intolerance to block the damage of toxins on the liver, for example. Keep in mind that even though the liver really is amazing in its ability to recover compared with many other internal organs, it does take time. Any quick detox diet plan will not do you much good beyond eliminating green from your wallet.

Other common body part diets include skin and colon detox diet programs. As with the liver detox diet program, the vital treatment is to stop the damaging intake or activity, and then look for ways to reduce inflammation to allow for healing to progress normally.

Food and Drink Detox Diet Plans

The lemon detox diet programs are some of the most popular out there. Some are just lemon or citrus, some look to keep the PH balance of your body acidic or balanced, while others look for a special combination of foods like in the lemon ginger detox diet plan.

I want to stress that often it is not the program itself that might be unwise or dangerous, per se (although sometimes they are). Often it is the length of time that the body and the brain in particular goes without proper nutrition and balanced blood sugar. Starving will catabolise (break down) your muscles to feed your body, which is the essential powerhouse that burns fat. If you lose muscle on a “miracle power cleanse” you will find it more difficult to lose weight in the future. 

A lemon diet detox weight loss plan should include enough nutritious food to eat on a lemon detox diet. If it is just lemon and water and maybe honey or apple cider vinegar, beware, you cannot live on that. The same can be said for other programs that really just pick a different miracle food like the cranberry juice detox diets out there.  You can fast for a day or two with plenty of water and a doctor’s supervision, but do not undertake these on your own, without any consultation with a professional. And no, that guy on the infomercial does not count.

Raw food detox diet program

Some of the healthier plans are ones like the raw food detox diet plan that look to remove dead and processed food, while increasing enzyme activity and fibre intake. All natural detox diets like this sort are far more sustainable and safe. Really make sure that they include a fair number of calories if you are doing them for more than a weekend.

7 day detox diet: lentils and brown rice

A 7 day detox diet plan should not be mostly thin liquids. All natural detox diets like the lentil and brown rice one show that you can do a plan that is longer without it being really risky.  I recommend mixing in raw foods and brown rice as well as tons of water. Step outside of the box after you understand what is good for your body.

Exercise and Habits

The lymphatic system moves toxins out of the body when we move around for the most part. It does not have a built in pump like a heart to move the toxins. As a result exercise, massage, and sauna treatments can be very beneficial added in to your program. If you continue these habits after you are back on your typical (hopefully healthier) food and drink, you will do much better in maintaining your cleaner less toxic living. This should translate into more energy, sounder sleep, better mood, and improved immune function.

Regardless of how you go about your cleanse or detox diet plan, make sure you consult a medical professional before you begin as well as keeping realistic expectations about the results. If you are hoping to get a bit of an energy boost and reduce inflammation internally, that might be easily done. If you want to become a super soldier like Captain America or live forever save your money and day dream harder. If you have a big goal like losing 25 pounds, think about a gradual and sustainable program that includes lifestyle change rather than hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with a weekend detox diet plan.