Looking for the best diabetic walking shoes on the market today? Many discount shoes for diabetics will fit the bill but you may be surprised that diabetics don't necessarily always have to go with special diabetic shoes when for their walking activities. Sure many of the top brands of therapeutic shoes make excellent walking shoes and other kinds of athletic shoes but traditional walking shoes are almost always going to be a good choice for you and your condition.

Diabetic Athletic Shoes

White Walking Shoes For DiabeticsThe fact of the matter is that shoes for diabetics are almost always characterized by their design. They are made of soft materials and leathers, they are pushily padded and usually have high end insoles or enough room to accommodate the best diabetic shoe inserts on the market. Woman may not be wearing the classic high heel but rather a simple black wedge shoe that covers the toes. Men on the other hand will probably wear padded dress shoes over traditional dress shoes. Most shoe inserts have a suggested use life of only a few months so many diabetic shoes are merely designed to provide the framework and structure for a proper diabetic shoe insert.

Traditional walking shoes or other types of athletic shoes however are always designed this way. The best walking shoes focus squarely on foot comfort, eliminating pressure points, distributing weight across the foot and cushioning impact. They almost always also aim to minimize moisture by being breathable and airy. A nice pair of walking socks can help with this too. Good athletic shoes also minimize the risks for developing foot blisters, sores, and in the case of diabetics they minimize the risks of foot ulcers and infection.

Features Of Shoes For Diabetics

Diabetic Walking ShoeThe few differences between traditional walking shoes and diabetic walking shoes which are made specifically for diabetics have to do with proportions. Especially in late stage diabetes many people tend to lose the correct proportions of their feet due to foot problems that develop over the years. A simple stubbed toe can have lasting affect on a diabetic because the toe may not heal correctly.

Because diabetics have trouble healing their feet many people end up with malformed or deformed feet which can become increasingly difficult to fit into traditional fitting shoes. That's why classic diabetic shoes look clunky and big… it's because they are. They are designed that way to accommodate the need for molded foot inserts, wide feet, and misshaped feet relating to the diabetic condition.

If you have diabetes it is no secret that you should be exercising every day. If you want to know how to lower insulin levels and blood sugar exercise is the name of the game and the best way to exercise right is by walking. If you are in late stage diabetes or have malformed feet already you may need to shop exclusively for therapeutic diabetes shoes and work with a podiatrist but for many people newly diagnosed with the condition finding a good pair of diabetics shoes is as simple as going to your local shoe store and browsing through the athletic shoe section. You will of course want to make sure you find a shoe that fits perfectly and always make sure to use the best shoe inserts as possible (and switch them out every few months) but the name brand walking shoes should fare well for you so long as you practice proper foot care in all other areas of your life.

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