Discount Snowboards

It really is possible to find discount snowboards at cheap prices, even for your favorite name brands like Burton, Forum, DC, Rome and K2, you just simply have to know where and when to look. Certain times of the year present better clearance sales on discount snowboards, and each store is different as far as their prices and selection goes, so scoring the best deals is not always an easy task.

When to Buy Discount Snowboards

Many people would rather just forget about it and buy a brand new one for the regular price. This is fine for some, but a lot of us seem to be on a budget nowadays. Discount snowboards are quite high in demand because most people are looking to buy one around the Christmas shopping season. This can not only drive prices up as per supply and demand, but it can also make the selection of clearance models quite limited. One of the best ways to buy discount snowboards is to shop for them in the summer time.

This method is very similar to buying shorts in the winter and pants in the summer. When the season for the product is so far away, the prices often drop. Additionally, stores are usually in a rush towards the end of summer to get rid of the leftover inventory for that year. That's why clearance sales are so abundant around Christmas season. Discount snowboards are often one of the more prominent things that you'll see on sale if you look just before the shopping season rush.

The hardest time of the year to find discount snowboards is in the winter. Unfortunately, this is often when people are in the most need for a cheap new deck after spending so much money over the holidays and wearing out the one they're currently riding. That being said, there are still a few effective ways of going about your search.

Where to Buy Discount Snowboards Online (Year-Round)

It's a very smart idea to shop for discount snowboards online because you will be able to choose from a lot more models and brands and with so many stores on the internet, you increase your chances of getting an amazing deal or coming across a killer clearance sale. Here are just a few of the best website worth checking out to help get you started:

Amazon - There aren't too many other sites that can compare to the savings you'll experience from Amazon. You can buy all kinds of cheap discount snowboards here and they in fact have nearly 1,000 models to choose from, both freeride and freestyle designs. Amazon sells new and used products and they are famous for their low prices.

REI - This site has over 100 different discount snowboards in stock from your favorite name brands like Arbor, DAKINE, Burton and K2. offers free shipping on all orders over $75 so you can bet you'll qualify for that, helping you save even more money.

EvoGear - With one of the biggest selections on this list, gets a high recommendation not only for that, but also for their cheap prices. They currently have over 600 discount snowboards on sale with nearly 200 of them marked down up to 60% off the list price. This is definitely a great site to check out and they even offer free shipping on order above $100.

Altrec - has some pretty ridiculous clearance sales going on at the time of writing this, however I don't know if they are like this all the time. They have close to 1000 brands and models to choose from and some of their discount snowboards are marked down to 64% off. Add on the generous free shipping deal on orders larger than $45 and this site gets a spot on the list for best places to look.

CCS - As the world's largest mail-order snow and skateboard dealer, already has established a great reputation for itself and most of you reading this are probably already well-aware of the cheap prices they often have. They have a pretty good selection of discount snowboards made by DC, Forum, Rome, Burton and K2. CCS is always having awesome free shipping sales as well so be sure to check them out.

Are Discount Snowboards Poor Quality?

The simple answer to this is "no". It's a very common misconception, especially among this demographic, that if something is cheap or marked down for clearance, there is something wrong with it; however, this is rarely the case when it comes to discount snowboards. As we explained earlier, the major reason they are so cheap in some cases is because the stores need to get rid of them to make room for shipments of the next year's line-up. Basically, they're cheap because they need to be sold as soon as possible.

With all of these helpful tips and resources provided, I wish you the best of luck on your quest to buy discount snowboards. You should now feel confident that you can find the best deals and save the most money possible on a quality product.