Being between 3 and 6 years old is a wonderful time for any child, as they start the transformation from needing you for everything to full independence. You can help this process by purchasing them their very own toddler sized backpack. These cute and funky Mickey Mouse mini backpacks are the perfect size for little children, combining a small size with easy carrying and manoeuvrability while still boasting enough space and additional pockets to be practical. With 10” and 12” backpacks, some with wheels and telescopic handles for even easier carrying, this Mickey Mouse backpack collection is sure to have the perfect bag that your child will adore with all of the features in a small backpack that you are looking for. 

Mickey Mouse M Factor 12 Inch Toddler Rolling Backpack

Mickey Mouse M Factor 12inch Toddler Rolling Backpack

Your child will certainly stand out from the crowd with this 12" Mickey Mouse "M Factor" rolling backpack from Disney. This backpack measures 12"H x 9"W x5" D and to allow easy manoeuvrability for your little ones, it comes with a telescopic handle that rises 9" from the top. Not only does this bag look fantastic, with its bright and vibrant colors sure to be a hit with your child and their friends, but with its two velcro closed side pockets and large zipper pocket on the front, it is extremely practical. For additional comfort and support, the bag incorporates adjustable padded shoulder bags and is designed for easy care cleaning and maintainence.

Mickey Mouse Cheers 12 Inch Toddler Rolling Backpack

Mickey Mouse Cheers 12inch Toddler Rolling Backpack

With its extra smooth luggage style wheels and 9" telescopic handle, this Mickey Mouse Cheers 12" backpack is the perfect way to allow your younger children the independence of managing their own bag for their next big trip to Kindergarten or a day at the beach. The bag is approximately 12" H x 9" W x 5 " D and boasts a mesh pocket for a drink bottle, additional side pockets for easy access and organization and a large zipped compartment on the front. When not using the rolling system, your kids back will be protected with the adjustable padded shoulder pads, ensuring that you can adjust the backpack to perfectly match their height.

Mickey Mouse M Factor 10 Inch Mini Backpack

Mickey Mouse M Factor 10inch Mini Backpack

Created for the smaller toddler, this 10" Mickey Mouse "M Factor" mini backpack strikes a terrific balance between size and practicality. With its 2 velcro closed side pockets and large front pocket with a Disney logo zipper pull, it has enough room to carry your child's favorite items while still being small enough that they are not going to ask for to carry it for them after 10 minutes. The backpack measures 10" H x 8" W x 4" D and is made from heavy duty polyester material with PVC backing, meaning that it is not only durable but dirt and grime wipes straight off.

Disney Mickey Mouse Funny Things 10 Inch Toddler Backpack

Disney Mickey Mouse Funny Things 10inch Toddler Backpack

Another fun mini backpack design by Disney, this 10" Mickey Mouse "Fun Things" toddler backpack has everything your 3 to 5 year old will need and still be able to manage the bag on their own. The heavy duty polyester material with PVC backing ensures that this bag is easy to clean, no matter how dirty you child manages to get it. Additional side pockets and a large front pocket not only give additional storage space, but allow for easy organization and access. The backpack measures 10" H x 8" W x 4" D and with its striking blue and red color scheme and large image of Mickey, it is sure to be popular with any little Mickey Mouse fan.

Disney Mickey Mouse Funny Things Collection 12 Inch Toddler Size School Backpack

Disney Mickey Mouse Funny Things Collection 12inch Toddler Size School Backpack

This toddler sized backpack measures 12" H x 9.5" W x 4" D and is the perfect size for the slightly larger toddler to use at daycare, pre-school or for that big trip to grandmas. Its blue and red color scheme will ensure it stands out amongst the other kids backpacks and features side pockets and a large zipped area at the front for easy access and additional storage. Best of all, due to its polyester and PVC construction, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will have this bag looking pristine for years to come.

Mickey Mouse 12" Toddler Backpack

Mickey Mouse 12" Toddler Backpack

Your child will love the freedom of carrying their favorite toys and clothes on your next family outing with this bright and colorful Mickey Mouse 12" toddler backpack from Disney. Packed full of features, including side pockets and a Disney logo zip pull, this bag is built to withstand the rigour of active children yet will still look like new with a quick clean from a wet cloth.

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