Oh Disney....you have blessed my childhood

Disney movies were the big thing I was into as a child and really gave me a great imagination and exposure to various wonderful music and storylines. Here's a list of some of my favorite Disney movies and why I believe they were the best. Their characters, plot, music, and overall feel were the top quality we think of when we think of Disney movies.

Lion King
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The Lion King

This movie was such a classic and I fell in love with it the first time I watched it. The storyline about Simba who is the son of King Mufasa is great because even though he was tricked into thinking that his father's death was his fault, there is redemption in the end and we fall in love with various characters throughout the journey. I love how well this movie was directed and the music was really soothing for me as a child. I personally agree with many other people that The Lion King was probably the best Disney movie that was ever made. The cast and crew do a lovely job of voice acting and really the animations are extremely well done.

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This movie was fantastic! Almost everyone that owns Disney movies has this classic masterpiece in their collection. The characters are all really enjoyable, most of all Genie who is played by Robin Williams. This is a really fun adventure for both children and adults. The storyline is of a young man who falls in love with the princess but isn't royalty sets out to win her heart and find a way to become a prince. It's really a great experience but most of the kids watching will just love it when Genie comes onto the scene because of his humor and antics. The bad guy Jafar is really an awesome bad guy and his personality really was interesting to me. The music is of course high quality as is most of Disney's repertoire.

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

The classic movie of The Little Mermaid. This movie really instills the dream into us that we can live a free life and get out there to experience the world. We don't have to be captive to our small world and we can break out to experience everything. Ariel plays as a mermaid who discovers a handsome prince who is a human and wants to be part of that world. Ariel's voice actress is Jodi Benson, and she has one of the most tremendous voices I've ever listened to in a Disney movie. Her voice is driven by power and elegance and really captivates the listener when she sings. I thought that the plot was really wonderful to watch how she does anything she can to be part of that world, and in the end she gets her desire fulfilled.

Toy Story
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Toy Story

Toy Story was an amazing animated film that hosted big stars like Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. The voice acting was in my opinion superior to just about any Disney movie out there. The idea of having a boy's toys coming to life and having a personality is something we as kids pretended all the time. I always played with my toys and animals and pretended they had personalities just like this movie; it's almost like living in our past dreams as kids. I loved the personalities of the characters in this movie and how when the new toy Buzz Lightyear comes in all the other toys are jealous. But everyone works together to save the day when they are moving and can't all come with the boy. I just love how well done the animation was for this time period and how great the movie made us feel after watching it. Very good movie indeed.

Many more to come

There are so many excellent Disney movies out there and it's beyond the scope of this article and review, but these are the top Disney movies in my opinion and I believe they were all successful in driving the quality name of Disney into our homes and have become the beloved movies we adore even to this day.