Most people would agree that dogs make great family pets.  However, not every canine is suitable for households with young children.  If you are considering adopting a pet, it is important to do some research ahead of time in order to ensure you are going to be bringing home one that will be appropriate for all ages.  

Some breeds are one person only pets.  They will identify very strongly with their owners and not bond well with other people.  Other dogs may be excitable or high strung.  Of course, you will want to avoid any canine that may nip or bite others.  

This article will give you tips on the best dog breeds for kids to enjoy.  These are animals who are even tempered and get along well with anyone, regardless of age.  Some, like the Golden Retriever, are particularly noted for having the right disposition when they are around kids.

It is important to remember that children need to be taught the right way to handle the pet.  Little ones should be surpervised by older siblings or an adult, particularly when you first bring the animal home.

Owning an animal  can be a wonderful experience for kids.  It is one way to teach a child responsibility.  Of course, canines provide us with unconditional love.  This is one of the most appealing aspects of owning a dog.  

Dog and ChildCredit: Pixabay

Golden Retriever

I grew up with pets in our house.  We always had at least one dog or cat.  In fact for several years we had both.  The dog I remember most from my childhood was our golden retriever.  To this day these canines remain my favorite.  

Golden Retrievers are well known for being very patient and kind toward kids.  That being said, children still should learn proper behavior with their pet.  

This particular dog breed is very intelligent and quick to learn.  They are not afraid of water and will love to frolic at the beach.  Golden Retrievers need plenty of exercise each day like most dogs.  They will happily fetch frisbees or other toys. 

The Retriver's coat is usually a lighter color when it is a puppy.  There is some shedding but it is not excessive.  Occasional brushing and bathing will help.  This pet is easy to groom due to its easy going nature.  

Golden Retriever PuppyCredit: Pixabay


There is a reason why Labradors are the most popular dog breed in the United States, Canada and the UK.  This breed is a wonderful family pet.  

Labradors have characteristics very similar to Golden Retrievers.  They are gentle, even tempered, friendly towards everyone,  and very smart.  

Labs need a lot of exercise too.  They love to play fetch although sometimes it can be to the point of obsession.  Running after balls or retrieving sticks from the water are two good ways to exercise the pet.  Labradors are excellent swimmers and enjoy being in the water.  

The coats may be three different colors.  This includes black, chocolate and yellow.  They will shed though so grooming is required.  

The only possible negative about owning a Labrador or Golden Retriever if you have small children is that these dogs are large when fully grown.  Labs tend to be quite muscular as well.  The dog may accidentally knock a small child over.  So these two breeds might be more suitable for older children.  That is the only precaution you need to be aware of with these wonderful dogs.  


A Beagle is a breed of dog that looks like a smaller version of a foxhound.  These dogs are medium sized and are very good with children.  

Their sense of smell is one of the sharpest of any dog breed.  This can distract the pet and make it challenging to control him if a scent is picked up outdoors.  

However, Beagles are good natured and generally want to please their owners.  This breed of dog is generally healthy although their long and floppy ears make the pet somewhat prone to ear infections.  

Beagles do not require the same amount of exercise as Labs or Golden Retrievers.  Moderate exercise daily is usually sufficient to keep the canine healthy and avoid obesity.  

Beagle PuppyCredit: Pixabay


I don't consider Boxers to be one of the cutest dog breeds.  However, they are good pets and excellent with kids.  They have protective natures towards little ones and generally are very patient.

Regular exercising with daily walks and other activities will keep the pet healthy and prevent boredom.  They are energetic and will love to run when given the chance.  Boxers may show unwanted behaviors such as chewing or digging if they become bored.   This should not be an issue if the pet receives enough exercise and stimulation through the day.  

This breed of dog does not tolerate high temperatures or humidity well and should not be outdoors for long periods in those weather conditions.  

Bichon Frise

This small breed of dog is a lot of fun to have around.  A Bichon Frise is usually a happy and playful pet.   This temperament makes them ideal for kids.  

Bichons love human companionship and are very affectionate.  They do well living in apartments or smaller homes but still need daily walks or other form of exercise.  These pets love to play with toys, particularly if someone plays with them.

One possible downside to owning a Bichon Frise is the animal requires a lot of grooming.  The pet will need to be bathed every few weeks and needs frequent brushing.  This isn't a negative for everyone, but it is something potential owners should be aware of before adopting.  

Bichon FriseCredit: Pixabay

There are a few other dog breeds who get along well with children.  One of them is the Keeshond.  This breed is playful and has a very good nature.  However, a Keeshond may become a one person dog.  This can be avoided if the pet is adopted when it is still very young.  

Another breed for children is a standard poodle.  Miniature poodles are not suitable as they may become frightened and nip at a young child.  However the standard breed is generally very good with kids.  

Cocker Spaniels are good family pets also.  They have long floppy ears like a Beagle and need regular care to avoid infections.  

Whatever dog breed you and your family decide on, he or she will likely be a great addition to the household.  Most people think of their dogs as another member of the family.