Keeping your family safe is the number one priority of any parent. Finding the best door security hardware on the market can make it easier for you to sleep at night while your family rest in the other room.

With door security hardware it is best to research many options before purchasing one because there are so many beneficial security systems that provide families with the proper safety at an affordable price. There are numerous home security methods that can be taken to ensure your families safety.

Applying the proper locks can prevent intruders and make sure the security hardware you purchase has been certified by the American National Standards Institute or ANSI.

Deadbolts can be the best option for any household. They provide enforced safety measures that can cause problems for any intruders. With a deadbolt lock you can also purchase a set with a latch to further enhance the safety of your family or business.

The best part about deadbolts is that they must be opened or locked with a key. Also, they are highly resistant against "bump keys" which are the most popular break in tool. Deadbolts are extremely difficult to break into once they are latched.

Making sure your door security hardware is certified by the American National Standards Institute or ANSI will give reassurance that you are protected by a secure product. They provide standard certifications for many products including locks and security systems.

ANSI requires strict standards in strength, performance and security in order to grade products accordingly. Look for a grade 1 for all your security products because that is the highest standard level issued by the ANSI. A grade 1 lock will be the most secure lock you can purchase.

Learn the extra features that come with your door security hardware. This will help you identify what does and does not need to be done to ensure safety. A key control lock can be a great method to keep outsiders from inside your home.

A key control lock can be provided with keys that cannot be duplicated at your neighborhood hardware stores which make it less likely someone outside your family can get a copy. Look for security locks that have strong three inch screws surrounded by a heavy metal gauge provide top notch security.

It is important to look for a 1" throw on the deadbolt as the minimum for a home security locks. Finding the best options for home security can keep you and your family safe. Properly enforcing safety will make living your normal life much easier and stress free.