Finding the best down pillows for sleeping is crucial in order to get the best sleep. This article will provide a review of the best down pillows on the market as well as the characteristics of great pillows for sleep. So whether you are looking for reputable and quality, but hard to find, hypoallergenic king down pillows or just trying to find what makes a pillow, not just good, but the leader of the pact to maximize your sleep experience, you will enjoy this down pillow review.

Before we get into the best down pillows for sleeping, let's look quickly at what makes a down pillow, not just good, but excellent.

Characteristics of the Best Down Pillows:

  1. The Down: This may seem like a no brain-er, but in fact down makes a down pillow not just good but great. The definition of a down pillow is a pillow filled with the plumage found under the feathers of ducks and geese. A pillow is classified as down when it is filled with 75% of down or more and less than 25% feather. So, the best pillow will have more than 75% down and very little feather- 25% or less.

  2. The Power of the Fill: Fill power is one of the most important characteristics to gauge a great down pillow. In fact, most studies show that pillows that have a fill power of 600 or more, have higher owner satisfaction. Fill power just refers to the space in which the down actually takes up in the pillow itself and essentially measures the loft and how fluffy the pillow in fact is.

  3. High Thread Count: The best down pillow should have a high thread count. The higher the thread count the more likely the down in your pillows will remain in tact and not escape, this is crucial to a long lasting pillow.

The Best Down Pillows On The Market

Pacific Coast Pillows:

Pacific Coast PillowsMost people who have been to a Ritz Carlton or even a higher end Marriott property have slept on Pacific Coast Pillows. Pacific Coast Pillows boast of the double down surround technology. The double down surround has two layers and inner layer, with smaller filling and the outer layer with larger plumage. This pillow is regarded as the pillow within a pillow and all but guarantees a great night sleep with head and neck support. All Pacific Coast Pillows have a high fill count, high thread count and a high down to feather pillow ratio.


 Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Pillow

Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Pillow

The Pinzon Pyrenees pillows are also well regarded in hitting heavy on all three attributes as well: down, fill power and high thread count. The Pinzon pillow has a 400 thread count. It also has a single chamber construction with a 600 fill, for neck support as well as down that supports those stomach sleepers as well.

Travel Pillow with 700 Fill Power Goose Down

Travel Pillow(68894) Travel pillows enable you to get quality rest that seeks to get as close to your own personal bed pillow as possible. And this travel pillow does just that. This 12 x 16 airplane pillow packs a powerful punch. It's filled with 700 fill power and compresses completely down for suitcases and is able to spring back to its normal position when needed. This pillow is also encased in Egyptian cotton, so that the feathers remain in place.

As you already know pillows are crucial for great sleep. A well rested happy person is a productive one. It's important to know that not all pillows are designed the same. The best down pillows have more down: 75% or more and even less feathers: less than 25%. And because, these pillows aren't cheap, it's important that they remain in tact, that's why the covering should be in a high thread-count-preferably Egyptian cotton.

 Finding the best goose down pillow doesn't have to be difficult as long as you pay attention to the characteristics that set good goose pillows apart from the great ones.