Three Best Android Apps for Children

Android Apps for the Beginner Artists

Follow your artistic bliss wherever you go with these top Android apps for drawing, painting, and sketching.  Turn your android mobile device screen into a canvass and release your artistic nature. Here are three art apps for children, art amateurs, and for anyone who wants to get in touch with their creative side.

Sketchbook Mobile

Sketchbook MobileCredit:

SketchBook Mobile is a full-featured drawing and imaging application produced by the same makers of the popular SketchBook desktop.

This app has an easy-to-use drawing application and a robust set of sketching and painting tools.  SketchBook Mobile has a complete set of professional-rate sketching tools. You can choose from more than 40 brushes, pencils, pens, and airbrushes, and a wide assortment of brush specifications. Brush width settings, opacity, shades, and colors are available to allow you to adjust your brush according to your designs.  The brushes can undo ten levels back and has an on-button function that can return to the most recent brush used.  Its ease of use can encourage even a beginning artist to create a nice piece of artwork in minutes. 



Color & Draw

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Color & Draw is a perfect drawing app that encourages kids tofreely express their creativity on Android tablets. Kids can choose to sketch either on a black and white background or in full color with a selection of 50 images of fun themes such as animals, people, and landscapes.

Unlike a coloring book app that automatically colors the shape with a single tap, children using Color & Draw have more coloring options.  It is not as intimidating as a blank pad to start a freehand drawing, since there are subject themes to choose from. 

Color & Draw maximizes the characteristics of touch screen environment and audio to encourage kids' creativity spark.  It only takes up 12.6MB space and approximately 2 minutes to download.  Your toddle can enjoy drawing in no time. 

Drawing Pad

Drawing PadCredit:

This complete mobile art studio delivers a beautiful, easy-to-use interface, a robust range of artistic tools, and high-definition graphics that allow artists to create the next masterpiece, designers to sketch out ideas, and the rest of us to doodle away to our heart's content. Users have commended that this app is very responsive and has a very intuitive interface.

Beginner artists and children will enjoy the Drawing Pad's ease of use.  But even professional artists will appreciate its wide range of tools and realistic output, from the course lines of the crayons to the fluid strokes of the diverse paint brushes.

Drawing Pad offers a fun selection of stickers which can be added to the artwork. Kids will enjoy the sticker choices from planes, trains, and automobiles, to animals, funny faces, flowers, sea animals, and many more designs.


These are three of the art android apps which are highly rated by users mainly for their ease of use, versatility, low price, and download availability.  All these can be downloaded from and is instantly available for your Android devices.  Choose the best art android app that will suit your creative needs.

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