Drum Throne 

Features of the best drum thrones:

Professional drummers everywhere have discovered that when they play on a comfortable drum throne, they are able to play better and longer.  While using a traditional chair or seat limits the dexterity of your legs while playing, the best drum thrones give you support in the right places without restricting the freedom of your legs to move independently of each other.  In addition innovations in drum thrones have made them stronger, easier to adjust, and more comfortable.  Just because a drum throne is more expensive does not mean it is a better fit for your playing style.  Even some of the most popular drummers choose to use simple round style drum thrones as they feel like the saddle shape, and backrests restrict their playing style.  While more relaxed musicians find a large tractor style seat with a plush backrest allow them to gig comfortably for hours on end.  

Types of drummers thrones:

Drum thrones can be categorized by three basic types.  Choosing the right type drummers throne is up to you to decide based on your playing style.  Before choosing, here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of the three different types of drum throne.

Round Drum Throne - The best round drum throne is will have thick double braced legs, an easy to adjust possibly hydraulic seat, and a simple round shape with plenty of dense padding.  The benefit of round drum thrones is the fact they are equally usable in all positions.  The seat is functional 360 degrees around.  The best round drum throne is the Pork Pie Drum Throne with fatigue gel top, and memory foam bottom.

Saddle Drum Throne -  With more support and ergonomic design, saddle drum thrones are a logical step up for more relaxed drummers who want full dexterity in their legs, but still need to play for long periods of time.  Shaped like an over-sized bicycle seat, saddle drum thrones are the best drum throne for most people, and are a great balance between round and backrest drum thrones.  The best saddle drum throne is the NR Nitro Gas Lift Drum Throne which features a hydraulic drum throne like lifting mechanism similar to an office chair.   

Backrest Drum Throne - For ultimate comfort and posture correction, drum thrones with backrests are best for drummers who need to remain seated for long periods of time, or for drummers with back and hip problems.  

Cheap drum thrones:

If you play regularly, your legs and back will thank you for not buying the least expensive drum throne you can find.  However, if you are on a budget and looking for deals, Tama drum thrones are known for their high quality, but reasonable price.  They have hybrid round and saddle thrones with hydraulic lifts built in that combine all the benefits of all of the different types of drum thrones.   If you are unsure about any of the best drum thrones, visit your local music store and ask to try a few out.