The Old E-Publishing Scams

You have all heard the myths about self-publishing and e-publishing your books and how that ruins your career rather than helping it. Well, actually, in this day and age, more markets are leaning towards online and e-book publications, and e-publishing can actually help boost your writing career. Many authors are now raving about the miracles of self-publishing, and how that actually helped them get their names out to the big publishers. So, should you consider e-publishing? Absolutely. 

Where To Begin

I have done a lot of personal research on the matter, and I have found really helpful and useful tips to keep in mind when you are looking for your perfect e-publishers:


  • Never, ever, ever, go for a company that asks you to pay to publish your work, this is a scam. (If you are having to pay to be a published author, there is something wrong. You should be making the royalties, not your company).
  • Consider investigating the percentage royalties you could possibly make. For instance, if you sell your e-book for 0.99, you will only make 0.40 on Nook Press, but if you sell your book for 2.99, you will make 1.90, or 65% royalties)
  • Always make sure that you retain all rights to your work. You are the author, so all of the content should belong to you. 
  • Make sure you have a copyright or some way to protect yourself against copyright infringement. (You don't want someone stealing your ideas)
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Nook Press


Nook Press is one of the best ways to get your work published. First and foremost, Nook Press is absolutely free to join. (You won't have to worry about paying for anything!) Secondly, Nook Press pays you upfront, every 60 days, directly to your bank account. (You don't have to use PayPal or any other type of third party payment plans). Third, you can receive up to 65% royalties for every book you sell, depending on how much you list for the price of the book. That's right, you decide how much to sell your books for! Fourth, your book will be published and available for purchase on the Nook Books website, Android and I-Phone Apps,  as well as Barnes and So, you are probably wondering, are there any gimmicks here? This seems too good to be true.



This is strictly an e-book publishing company, so you will not be able to publish hard cover or paperback versions of your book, but if you already have those, you can also publish your book through Nook Press and link it to your hard copy books, which is great for well and established authors. If you are the type of person that prefers hard cover to e-book, than this is probably not for you. 


So, if you are curious about the e-book publishing format, I encourage you to explore Nook Press. It is a great website with easy and friendly user interface. This could be the meaning between you and your 9-5 job and possibly becoming a freelance writer in the future. If that is something you wish to pursue, I encourage you to try it out. It really is fast and easy to use. If you have any questions about the website and how it works, Nook Press has a great FAQ page. 

Credit: Anne Bise