There are a ton of companies that claim to sell the best electric guitars for playing the blues; however, only a few of those instruments actually stay true to their claims! Playing the blues is not easy to do on an electric guitar; it requires a lot of practice and uses advanced strumming techniques. People that are excellent at playing blues songs on a guitar have usually practices for a lifetime, and have dedicated hundreds of hours to being a great musician.

With that being said, there are a few guitars that you should consider when you are looking for one to play to this specific genre of music. One would automatically assume that these guitars would be produced by some of the most reputable brands such as Fender, Silvertone, and Glen Burton. However, that is not the case! The majority of the electric guitars that are listed throughout this article are produced by blues-specific instrument manufacturers such as Assassin, Dean, and Epiphone!

The Assassin 39 Inch Standard Is One Of The Best Electric Guitars That You Will Find In Any Music Store

As an experienced guitar player, I can tell you that playing on a heavy guitar is important because the weight of the instrument will keep the strings stable, and ultimately produce a better sound. However, playing the blues on a guitaAssassin 39 Inch Electric Guitar For Playing The BluesCredit: Amazon.comr is an entirely different style! All of the advanced strumming patterns that are used in blues songs require the musician to move their fingers along the frets frequently. With that being said, playing the blues on a heavy guitar will cause the musician to be uncomfortable!

This Assassin electric guitar can be considered as being a lightweight instrument because it weighs about 11 pounds! The majority of electric guitars weigh well over 14 pounds; however, Assassin has managed to produce a 39 inch electric guitar that weighs less than 12 pounds! If you are a guitar player that enjoys playing the blues, and is looking for a lightweight guitar, the Assassin 39 inch Standard if perfect for you!

Choosing The Fender Starcaster Will Back You With A 2 Year Parts/Labour and Lifetime Defect Warranty!

The Fender Starcaster is one of the most classic guitars to ever be produced; not only is it made by one of the best electric guitar companies ever (Fender), but it is alsoFender Starcaster Red Electric Guitar With AmpCredit: sold at an affordable price! I would not say that the Starcaster is the best electric guitar in regards to playing the blues; however, it is definitely a great choice.

Playing the blues on any instrument is all about finding the perfect tone! You can get away with nearly any tone when you are playing hard rock on an electric guitar; however, you must find the absolute perfect sound when you are trying to strum along to a blues song! This electric guitar has a 5 way pickup selector switch, and 2 tone controls that will allow you to find the perfect sound on the guitar!

When it comes to the instruments that will provide you with a ton of value for their price, the Fender Starcaster package is the winner! Not only does this package come with the electric guitar, but it also includes a 10 watt Squier amp, and a 10 foot cord! I would also choose the Starcaster because it is an electric guitar that accommodates all kinds of music; moreover, you will be able to use this guitar if you decide to learn how to play some rock or country songs at a later date!

Looking For The Best Blues-Looking Guitar? Try The Dean EVO XM Electric Guitar With A Mahogany Finish!

Playing the blues on an electric guitar is not only about the sound that the instrument produces, but also about the look that you have; you should try tDean EVO XM Electric Guitar With Mahogany FinishCredit: Amazon.como look like a blues musician. With that being said, some of the best electric guitars for playing the blues are the ones that look like blues instruments. What does a blues instrument look like?

-neutral colors

-dark fingerboard

-white frets

-very bland, and does not attract attention

With those features in mind, the Dean EVO XM is an absolutely amazing guitar to play the blues on! Pair it up with some neutral colored clothes, and people will be able to tell that you are a blues musician before they hear you strum on the guitar!

At the end of the day, you should choose the electric guitar that suits your playing style. If you only enjoy playing the blues, then you should choose a blues-only instrument; however, you should choose a guitar that accommodates all genres if you enjoy playing to the blues, heavy metal, pop, and hard rock! Throughout this article, there are 3 of the best electric guitars for playing the blues; they are not the only instruments that you should consider, but they are definitely the best options!