Loved by adults and children around the world, Elmo has rapidly become the most popular character from Sesame Street and a pop culture icon in his own right. With his playful attitude, friendly personality and his adorable red face, Elmo products have become extremely popular, with a large variety and range available for adults and children alike. To help with upcoming Christmas or birthday gift ideas, discover the best Elmo gift ideas for adults.

Elmo Adult Women's Pajamas, Sleepwear and Snuggies

Pyjamas make a fantastic present for the adult Elmo fan in your life. Although there is not the same broad range of Elmo sleepwear as is available for children, it shouldn't be too difficult to find several nice Elmo Pyjamas and sleepwear items from Walmart, Amazon and Target stores. Amazon stocks a range of Elmo Snuggies and pajamas, in Elmo's famous red with his smiling face embroidered on the front or back.

Elmo Adult Women's Clothing, Elmo Diaper Bags and Mothers Accessories

Elmo Diaper BagElmo Snuggie

With a variety of size, colours and styles an Elmo shirt or sweater could make the perfect gift. Showing off Elmo's famous caption of "Don't Tickle Me", these shirts are a fun way to let the Elmo fan in your life show off their playful side. For the expectant mother, Amazon has a series of beautiful diaper bags, perfect to carry diapers, spare clothes and baby food.

Adult Elmo Halloween Costumes

Available in head only and full body styles, Amazon lists a collection of Adult Elmo Halloween costumes. Perfect for your next fancy dress party, these costumes will not only show off your playfulness, but will ensure everyone wants to tickle Elmo before the night is out.

Elmo Coffee Mugs

Available in both in coffee mug and travel mug form, Amazon carries a variety of Elmo coffee products, perfect for the home or office.

Automotive Presents

Nothing says "Ultimate Elmo Fan" than merchandise to transform your gift recipients car from a simple mode of transport to a pimped out Elmo loving machine. Amazon has a wide range of antenna toppers, Elmo decals, steering wheel covers and car seat covers. Add to this Elmo windscreen shades and plate holders and their car will stand out from the crowd and prove how much of an Elmo fan they truly are.


Not just the domain of children, an Elmo gift could be the perfect present for that special someone in your life. With a variety of different gift ideas, including pajamas, items for the car, coffee mugs and costumes, I trust that one of these ideas will make the perfect Christmas or Birthday present.

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