A good quality emergency radio is an essential part of an emergency preparedness kit. In the scenario of an emergency, these portable devices provide many key features to kep you informed and safe.

Here's a few great choices when it comes to emergency radio's currently available.

The Best Value Emergency Radio's

Ambient Weather WR-111 Radio

Ambient RadioCredit: www.amazon.comMy favourite radio is the Ambient Weather WR-111 emergency radio. It's extremely dependable and built tough while still being portable and easy to use. It's different from other emergency radio's as you can charge it by hand crank, solar panel, AC outlet power, and also by USB via a computer or laptop.

The Ambient Weather Radio has AM/FM, weather alerts (NOAA), a 3 LED flashlight, illuminated display and features a charging station for charging devices such as a cellphone. It's great for any emergency kit, camping trip or as a portable radio.

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Eton American Red Cross Radio

Eton RadioCredit: www.amazon.comWhen it comes to dependable, ease of use and value, the Eton American Red Cross Radio is the clear front runner. It can be charged via hand crank, built in solar panel or via a AC wall outlet. AM/Fm and NOAA weather band come standard but it can also charge small devices like cellphones via USB.

This lightweight portable radio from Eton is a safe bet to keep you safe in an emergency situation or everyday use.


Kaito Voyager Pro KA600

Kaito ProCredit: www.amazon.comIf your looking for a solid emergency radio with all the features, the Kaito Voyager Pro is your answer. The Voyager Pro offers the basic hand crank, a 180 degree adjustable solar panel, AC outlet charging and a USB via computer or laptop. It comes ready with AM/FM/LW shortwave, NOAA weather and NOAA hazards and alerts.

You can preset up to 335 preset AM/Fm stations for easy access to your favourite stations. The Kaito Voyager Pro also has a 5 LED reading lamp/flashlight, built in calendar, alarm clock with dual settings, sleep timer, thermometer, humidity meter, and even an auxiliary jack for connecting external audio devices.


Wether your looking for an emergency radio for a preparedness kit or using it for camping and backpacking, emergency radio's offer and extremely helpful hand in an emergency or even everyday use. It's a small investment that could one day save you and your family's lives.