External hard drives are one of the greatest innovations created when it comes to computer technology and data storage. They give you the ability to add extra storage space, protect important data and files, and easily transport data in a much smaller device.

Here's the best external hard drives for under $200 dollars.

Seagate Backup Plus 3 TB Desktop

Seagate 3 TB Backup PlusCredit: www.amazon.comSeagate had designed this to keep all your important documents and digital files. In total the Backup Plus offers an impressive 3 TB of extra space and works on both Mac and PC. It transfers data at extremely fast rates with USB 3.0 but can also be upgraded with an adapter for use with THunderbolt technology or FireWire 800.

This hard drive will automatically save multiple copies of your most important data and can be programmed to automatically save photos and data directly off social networks like Facebook. With all the possible backup schedules, automatic transfers and security, the Seagate backup Plus is like your own personal data assistant, all for under $200 dollars.

Western Digital My Passport 2 TB External Hard Drive

WD My Passport(122138)Credit: www.amazon.comWestern Digital offers this sleek 2 TB compact product that comes in a variety of colors. The My Passport is great for the person who needs to travel with alot of important data such as students or people in business. The Western Digital software will automatically backup all your files quietly in the background for added extra protection. The hard drive itself also comes with password protection and hardware encryption so there is no unwanted access to your data.

The My Passport comes with standard USB 3.0 for ultra fast data transfer rates while it has quick one cable connection via USB for power and transfer. Although it should be noted this drive is not compatible with Mac computers.

Western Digital My Book Studio 3 TB

WD My Book StudioCredit: www.amazon.comThe My Book Studio from Western Digital is an outstanding product with premium performance designed for Mac computers. It features a sleek aluminum case that remains cool even when running at top speeds. The 3 TB of space will safely hold all your data, photos and files and with the lighting fast FireWire 800, data will transfer super fast.

For added protection, the My Book Studio also comes with password protection and hardware encryption. Ultimately, this product is truly one of the best available for Mac computers and laptops.

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