The holiday season is all about having fun, and family Christmas games are the perfect way to enjoy a fun-filled evening with your loved ones! There are many Christmas board games that can be purchased in stores; however, there are a few options that will help you to save some money around the Christmas season.

One option involves creating your own Christmas game from scratch. You can choose your own rules and materials, and create the game in the way that you want it to be played. Another option would be to replicate the store-bought board games with the materials that you have lying around the house! Game cards can be created on the computer, and a game board can even be drawn out!

This article will help you, regardless of which of these two options that you choose!

Family Tree

This has to be one of the funniest family Christmas games that can be played; however, there has to be one member of the family that is willing to sacrifice and serve as the tree! The idea with this game is to decorate one member of the family as a Christmas tree!

You can use anything that you find in the house to decorate the person; however, they should resemble a Christmas tree by the end of the game!

You can even use this game as the basis of a competition between two groups. Divide the family members up into two groups, and have each group decorate one of their members as a Christmas tree! The group with the best-looking human tree wins!

When it comes to funny games to play on Christmas eve, this one takes the cake!


This game works best when you have a large group of family members that are gathering on Christmas! The more family members that you have the merrier!

The game involves some preliminary work by asking each family member to bring a gift that has been wrapped to the Christmas party. You should definitely set a price point for everyone to follow ($10 seems to work well in my family).

The process is as follows:

-Ask each guest to place their gift in a corner of the room as they arrive, and wait until all of the guests have arrived.

-Write out each number in a range from 1 to the number of guests that you have. For example, having 37 guests on Christmas eve will require you to write all of the numbers between 1 and 37 (with 1 and 37 included).

-Put all of the numbers in a hat, and have each guest pick a number from the hat.

-Each guest will be required to pick one of the Christmas presents that have been left in the corner. The guests will go up to the corner in the order of the number that they have picked. For example, the guest that chose the number 1 will go up to pick a gift first, and the one that chose the number 37 will go up last!

-Each guest can also choose to steal a present from a person that has already picked one from the corner (and the person that had the present stolen from them would choose a new one). The only stipulation is that each present can only be stolen twice before it is locked in!

This is one of the most intricate games to play with your family on Christmas eve, but it will definitely stir up some fun and competition. The ability to steal someone else’s present is really what makes this Christmas game so awesome.

The greatest thing about the Steal-A-Gift game is that it doesn’t require any materials!

Try To Unwrap

This game is absolutely awesome, and can really make your family members laugh during your Christmas party. In order to prepare for this Christmas game, the host of the party should wrap a small gift in a small box, then wrap that box in a larger box, and continue to wrap the boxes in larger ones many times!

Once all of the family members have arrived and are ready to play this game, the host should choose a number that can be rolled on a die (between 1 and 6). Let the guests know what number has been chosen.

Each guest should take a turn rolling the die in an attempt to roll the number that the host has chosen. The first guest to roll the chosen number gets to begin unwrapping the largest box...with thick mittens on!

The other family members should continue to try to roll the chosen number in an attempt to take over the role of unwrapping the boxes. The family member that actually unwraps the final box (and gift) gets to keep it!

The holiday season is all about laughing and having fun with the people that you love the most. These family Christmas games are the perfect way to do that!