In 2012, be ready to dominate your fantasy hockey league by drafting the best goalies in the NHL. There are a number of different website that offer free fantasy hockey. If you’ve never tried it, 2012 is the year to learn more about hockey and have fun by joining a free fantasy hockey league.

Goalies are often the player on your team to score the most points, especially if your best scorers are injured or facing tough matchups. Be sure to know the best goalies before drafting for your fantasy hockey league.

1. Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes didn’t make the playoffs last season and probably won’t this season. You can count on Cam Ward being one of the best fantasy goalies though. In 2010, Ward led the NHL in games played and in saves. His 2,191 saves was a career best and led to him leading all fantasy goalies in points. The Hurricanes plan on resting Ward a bit more this upcoming season but he will still play around 60-65 games and will continue to rack up the saves.

2. Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

Lundqvist had a league leading 11 shutouts in 2010 and played 68 games. Last season was his best and I think 2011 will be even better. The only question mark concerns the defense playing in front of him and not his own skills. I believe that the Rangers defense will perform better than expected to give him the chance to put up another 1800+ saves and a load of fantasy points.

3. Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens

Price was one of two goalies to play more than 70 games and it resulted in a league leading 38 wins. He will not get the chance to start 70 games again but will benefit from a more healthy and improved offense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carey Price win 35+ games in only 60-65 games played; he’s that good. Shutouts are typically fantasy gold and Price had eight in 2010.

4. Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres

Putting Miller at fourth best surprises some people but I think 2011 will be his best season. I expect him to play in 65 games and to show more durability and stamina over the course of the season. The Sabres as a team are going to be great, which will only help Miller fill his stat sheet with wins.

5. Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks

The only hesitation I have drafting Luongo is his games started. If you draft him, hope he starts at least 60 games. If he begins to share more of the net with backup Corey Schneider, then his point totals will drop dramatically. In spite of his age, he still doesn’t let in many goals per game (2.11 in 2010) which will continue to increase his win totals.  


6. Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins: An aging veteran whose only detriment is his continually decreasing playing time.

7. Ilya Bryzgalov, Philadelphia Flyers: Was a stud last season for the Coyotes. We will see if he can handle the pressure on a new team in 2011.

8. Miikka Kiprusoff, Calgary Flames: A sturdy, 10-year veteran who is consistent and will get enough playing time to stay atop the points charts.

9. Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators: The Predators won’t help Rinne win many games, that’s why he’s number nine on this list.

10. Antti Niemi, San Jose Sharks: You know this Stanley Cup winner can handle thepressure. He will give fantasy owners enough wins to keep them in the chase.

These top 10 goalies will help you win any fantasy hockey league in 2011.

Credit: Colin Rose