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If you’ve heard about the recent craze about the fat flush diet, you are probably familiar with the popular practice of drinking fat flush drinks for weight loss and detoxification.

Basically, the main concept of this diet plan is to hasten your weight loss process by drinking various healthy juices or beverages for a certain period of time. These beverages help cleanse your internal organs specifically the liver and at the same time wash-out stubborn and unwanted fats in your body.

With that being said, in this article you will read about the best fat flush drinks you can make and consume not only for weight loss purposes, but for maintaining a healthy body as well. 

1. Fat Flush Water

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Fat flush water became popular ever since it was featured  on the show entitled “The Biggest Loser”. This water concoction is actually one of the best fat flush drinks for weight loss and detoxification. But, how exactly does this drink work?

This beverage contains four major ingredients which are peppermint leaves (10 to 20 leaves), one piece tangerine, one slice grapefruit and one large cucumber. All these ingredients contain numerous health benefits. What are these benefits?

The first ingredient is peppermint leaves. Mint leaves do not only enhance the water’s refreshing taste. It is also beneficial for your gastrointestinal tract and by aiding in the digestion process.

Second, is grapefruit. As you know, this fruit is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin will not only boost your immune system. It can also convert fat into fuel. Hence, you will feel more energized.

The third ingredient is tangerine, which is also rich in vitamin C. But, this fruit can also regulate your blood sugar level, increase your insulin sensitivity, and stimulate your fat burning genes.

The last is cucumber. This food product is widely used as a skin care product. But, did you know that it has satiety effects? Meaning, it has the capability to make you feel full. Hence, you will consume lesser calories. In addition to that, cucumber is a diuretic in nature. So, it will also help prevent water retention and bloating.

As you can observe, this water concoction can provide you with a lot of slimming and internal body cleansing effects. To make this beverage, all you need to  do is to combine all mentioned ingredients in a pitcher of water (1/2 gallon) and let it sit for a few hours. You can also add some ice if desired. 

2. Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

One of today's newest fat flush and detox water recipe is the "apple cinnamon detox water". It's easy to prepare this highly nutritious and low-calorie drink. But, before we go to that topic, let me first discuss what makes this concoction the newest craze. 

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This water concoction may seem ordinary, but people crave for apple cinnamon water for a reason. Apple, as you know, is rich in fibers. This fruit does not only aid in digestion. It can also make you feel full. Furthermore, apple can also boost your body's ability to fight diseases and getting rid of toxins in your body. Lastly, remember what doctors always say? "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" - this simple statement alone is already convincing for you to add slices of this fruit in your daily water.  

Cinnamon is another healthy ingredient in this beverage. We all know that cinnamon is a healthy alternative for sugar. But, what is its role in weight loss? According to several studies, this spice can regulate our insulin levels and at the same time aids in glucose or sugar metabolism.[3] How is this relevant? 

As I've mentioned in my article about south beach diet, insulin is known as a "fat storing hormone" and having high amounts of insulin in your blood will halt or limit any metabolism of fat. With that said, regulating your insulin levels is one of the major factors that plays a role in your weight loss journey. Lastly, like apple, cinnamon can also make you feel full. 

To prepare this water concoction, you need to combine 1 sliced apple (Fuji is highly preferred), 1 stick cinnamon and water in a pitcher. After refrigerating it for about an hour, your healthy and refreshing drink is ready. 

3. Cranberry water

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The next in the list of best fat flush drinks for weight loss and detoxification is cranberry water, which is a mixture of an eight ounces of one hundred percent or pure cranberry juice and water (56 ounces).

In various scientific studies, cranberry juice was proven to provide dozens of health benefits. In terms of its slimming and detoxifying effects, it is very effective in eliminating toxins inside your body. In addition to that, it is also considered as an excellent diuretic. Thus, you can avoid bloating and water retention from occurring. Lastly, it also has the ability to aid in digestion and increase one's metabolism.

4. Green Tea or Matcha Green Tea

Last in the list of best fat flush drinks for weight loss and detoxification is green tea. As frequently advertised, drinking this specific type of tea regularly is very beneficial for your health. Included in its long list of health benefits is its capability to aid in weight loss and internal body cleansing. This is all because of its Epigallocatechin gallate or simply EGCG contents.

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As of today, matcha green tea, the powdered version of this product is gaining a lot of hype. Compared to its regular version, the powdered product is pure and concentrated. Hence, you'll get more of its health benefits.

Compared to the two water concoctions mentioned above, too many cups of green tea a day can give you undesirable adverse effects because of its caffeine contents. For that reason, it would be best if you limit your tea drinking to three cups a day. This article entitled “Can Drinking Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?” may give you more information about the tea’s slimming effects. 


Keep in mind that drinking these beverages alone will not bring forth significant weight loss results. There are other factors that will affect your results, such as the food you consume and the physical activities you do on a daily basis.

You can either use the fat flush diet plan or choose another wight loss program like the 1,500 calorie diet or the Dukan diet. Just remember to seek reliable information or professional advice before trying these kinds of programs. And, if your goal is to cleanse your body from toxins, it is without a doubt that these fat flush drinks  can work wonders to your overall health.

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