If you are a bit more advanced than a beginner (intermediate), and you are looking for a great abdominal exercise, you are in for a real treat. Because here you will not only find one good abs exercise, but 4 great different excrunch-womenercises. If these exercises are combined, they will deliver the most effective abs exercise because they target the abs from all the different angles.

So without further ado (I know you can't wait to get started) here are the 4 best exercises for the intermediate exercise bunny:

1. Adapted crunch - for your upper abs

This crunch is an adoption of the basic crunch. To increase the resistance and the effect, it is done with a weight resting on the chest. If you don't have access to weights, you can use normal household goods (like water bottles) to do this crunch. Make sure when you crunch up not to bring your whole body up like a sit up, but to only lift your shoulders slowly off the ground.

2. Lifted knee pull ins - for your lower abs

This exercise is an adoption of the traditional bicycle exercise. You do it by lying on your back with your arms on your sides, feet firmly on the ground. Lift your legs of the ground, and slowly lower it to the floor with your feet a few inches of the ground. Make sure you always keep the small of your back firmly on the ground at all times. Slowly bring one leg in to your chest and slowly lower it back again. Repeat the exercise on the other side

3. Oblique rotation - for your obliques

This is a good exercise for the internal and external obliques. You start it by standing with a weight in your hands, holding the weight in front of your chest. Rotate first to the one side, resting in the starting position, before repeating on the other side.

4. Advanced plank - for your transverse abdominals

You start this exercise by getting into the basic plank position (just like the push-ups position). Slowly lift one arm of the floor while lifting the opposite leg of the ground. Hold there for one count and repeat on the other side.

If you want the maximum results from your abs workout, I would recommend that you do these exercises in a circuit type of exercise routine. Here is how you would do the exercise circuit: repeat (for 10 times) all the above exercises one after another without resting. When you have completed all the above exercises once, you can rest for a while before repeating the circuit again.

Just remember that you must also watch your diet, and not to focus only on exercise. But be aware of fad diets like many 7 day diets and liquid protein diets. Be aware of their risks first before going on one and also make sure that you take the necessary precautions. You can read about their risks and the precautions you need to take by clicking on their links. If you stay motivated and dedicated you will soon see much flatter abs in the mirror.


Due to the fact that the info given in this article is my own advice and my personal opinion, no warrant can be given to the reliability, safety or accuracy of the advice given. But I do how ever strive to give the best advice that I am able to provide. I am not a medical doctor or a registered advice giver. I therefore strongly advice you to see your doctor before undertaking any new weight loss regime (may it be a new diet or a new exercise program). She will be able to advise you whether the new routine would be well suited to you as an individual.