What Food You Should Bring On A Camping Trip

While going on an extensive camping trip, there are many factors that play into the types of food that you should bring.  Some foods work perfect while camping, while others are a horrible idea to bring.  There are several different snacks and meals that should completely avoided throughout your camping vacation, and simply will not hold up while trying to experience the great outdoors.


The main thing to think about while packing food, is simply durability.  Ask yourself the question, "will these items really withstand the trip?"  Several types of foods may spoil, and couldn't withstand your lengthy stay in the woods.  Be sure to pack different items that can hold up, and are somewhat easy to prepare.  The best food in my experiences, is peanut butter.  Peanut butter stays fresh well, and is simple to prepare.  Trail mix is also a great food to have during your camping trip, because it's an easy snack that takes no preparation.

You can bring some items with you that need  iced in a cooler.  These items are for people who want a little more variety on their camping experience.  These can include different types of lunch meats, cheeses, etc.  Burger meat works well if iced, but needs  heated on some form of a camping grill.  Camping grills are sometimes too expensive, so sticking with items that can be prepared easily may be more suitable for you.

S'mores are the quintessential campfire snack, and are a must for any camping experience.  All of the items contained in the S'more stay fresh, and don't need to be kept fresh in a cooler.  Be sure you do have a container for every item you bring, because woodland creatures may get to your food before you do, if you don't have them properly stored.

Whenever I camp, I always try to bring food that is easily prepared, and stays fresh.  I usually stray away from items that need to be kept on ice, because that usually creates the need to head back to civilization to purchase more ice to keep the items cool.  The best foods are those that stay fresh, are easy to prepare, and do not need to be kept in coolers.  These include peanut butter sandwiches, s'mores, beef jerky, canned meat, trail mix, potato chips, fruit & granola bars, freeze-dried fruits, and other items that can be sealed and stay fresh.