What the Heck are Social Bookmarks?

Social bookmarks are a great way to backlink your articles. This gets them indexed faster by search engines, increases page rank (when you use dofollow bookmarks), and can earn you money as well. There are many websites where you can do this - but the format is usually the same: A title, tag field (keywords), short summary (50-75 words), and a category.

Using free social bookmarking sites with a revenue sharing model can be a great way to boost the search engine rank of your blog, website, or articles, and best of all - get paid for doing it. Social bookmarking is one of the most effective ways of backlinking, but it can be a long and ardous process, particularly when you have a lot of content. If you're going to be using free social bookmarking sites that pay a portion of AdSense revenue, at least you'll find you get a nice amount of secondary income along the way.

Here are the best free social bookmarking sites with AdSense revenue share:

I use these free social bookmarking sites for all my articles, and I highly recommend you do to. You can easily add an additional 20% to your earnings, just by using the first three. If you use all of these bookmarks that share AdSense revenue, you could earn an additional 35% if not more.

InfoPirate: My favorite social bookmarking site. My InfoPirate CTR (click through rate) is huge, usually over 50%. I earn between 10% and 15% of what I make off articles just with InfoPirate bookmarks. InfoPirate offers 80% of the AdSense impressions on their content. This means that 80% of the time, your AdSense ads will be displayed on your bookmarks, and 20% of the time InfoPirate will display theirs. A pretty good deal, since their bookmarks get a high number of views compared to other bookmarking sites, and index fairly quickly too. ***Added note, I've earned $17 over the last week on InfoPirate - not bad for the amount of effort required***

Xomba: Probably the best-ranking bookmarking site, Xomba offers a 50% AdSense share. This is lower than InfoPirate, but it's popularity makes up the difference. It's nofollow, so it won't improve your page rank. It is a big mistake to overlook Xomba! You will likely earn 10%-15% of what you do with your articles with Xomba bookmarks, if not more. (***UPDATE: Xomba no longer allows you to bookmark your own content due to spam problems they've been having

SheToldMe: SheToldMe is currently the third-best free social bookmarking site with AdSense revenue Share. It doesn't rank as well as InfoPirate or Xomba, but it offers an incredible 100% AdSense share! Expect more earnings using SheToldMe.

SquidStop: is another winner that provides 100% AdSense share - plus it's dofollow!

TipDrop: Shares 75% of AdSense impressions, so why not?

YouSayToo: Is nofollow, but like Xomba, don't make the mistake of passing up YouSayToo. It shares 50% of AdSense impressions.

Seekyt: Is a rather new social bookmarking site offering 65% revenue share. It is a dofollow site as well. It's one of the nicest looking social bookmarking sites, and should continue to grow. It will probably be one of the top sites within a year.


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