Buying quality cookware is an investment. If you don't think so then consider that this is a product that you use many times a day and everyday. Finding the best frying pans and cookware for that matter is not always an easy task. Sure we all know enough to want a Teflon coated surface because of it's non-stick capabilities, but we also know that over time they will become scratched and render themselves useless. Then they will have to be replaced. It is best to go with a non-stick ceramic surface that has a lifetime warranty rather than worry about where all of those little pieces of Teflon coating missing from the skillet has ended up.

Why is Ceramic better than Teflon?

Another important reason in investing in quality cookware is for safety reasons. Teflon products contain a product called PTFE or polytetrafluoethylene. Basically, Teflon is made up of PTFE. Technically, it doesn't mechanically degrade until it reaches temperatures of over 500 degrees F. The pyrolysis or breakdown of PTFE can occur at temperatures of 392 degrees F. If temperatures of these products exceeds 662 degrees F they release chemicals that are toxic to birds and produce flu-like symptoms in people. Not only that, another chemical called PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid is used as a surfactant in the polymerization of PTFE. The chemicals released from this agent has been detected in the parts per billion range in people's blood. Even though the EPA has no proof that this chemical is harmful, DuPont stated that it will phase out releases of this chemical by 2015, but it did not confirm the it would phase out the use of it. That being said, you can see that it is important to know what is in the product that you are using to cook foods. FYI, heating empty pan causes the internal temperature to rise rapidly.

Which are the Best Frying Pans?

Green Earth Frying PanCredit: pwarlickThe Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri is an excellent frying pan that is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. It utilizes a ceramic non-stick coating that has been proven to release no harmful chemicals during the cooking process. It is affordable and cost around $40.00. Because of it's non-stick qualities, you can use half of the oil that you would normally use with conventional frying pans.

Another great frying pan is made by Strauss and it is called the Green Cuisine 10 inch Frying Pan. ItStrauss 10 Inch Frying PanCredit: pwarlick too has a high temperature resistant surface that cooks to non-stick perfection without releasing any harmful toxic chemicals into the air. It commands a five star rating on Amazon, but it is pricier at $53.00.

Berghoff Arcadian Frying PanCredit: pwarlickMy favorite is from Earthchef. They make a ceramic non-stick frying pan that is six times stronger than traditional non-stick coatings. There skillets have cast stainless steel riveted handles and polished stainless steel lids on some models. They are oven safe to 1000 degrees F and over and they are metal utensil safe. They are also dishwasher safe, carry a lifetime limited warranty, and are price at $33.00 at Amazon. Now you just can't beat that. They carry the Berghoff Earthchef Arcadian non-stick collection for all of your cooking needs.

Finding the perfect safe non-stick ceramic frying pan is not that difficult once you start looking around. Amazon carries these and other brands online. You should also be able to locate these in fine department stores. Now that you are educated on the different types of coatings, you can feel well equipped with the knowledge that you need while shopping for your cookware.