Do you need a good laugh today? This collection of the funniest cat vidoes ever is sure to lift up your spirits. Animals enrich our lives in so mnay ways whether it's a cat, dog, bird or even a humble goldfish. Animals are such a joy to have around and they make each day special. Sometimes our pets do the strangest things that just make you laugh. This video collection is by no means conplete but I found them entertaining and I hope you do to.

Cat vs Technology

I can't remember the number of times I have wanted to bash my printer after it ate my printing job or the paper jammed. This cat teaches technology a lesson. If your printer malfunctions have a cat take a swat at it, the thing just may work again.

No Cats in Bathroom Please

Here's a reminder not to let your cat in the bathroom. I have seen some pretty wasteful use of toliet paper in my life but this cat takes the cake. This is an funny video and the music is good too. I like this one.

Funny Cat Collection

Here's along video of some hilarious cat moments that are sure to make you laugh. It's amazing the situations these animals get themselves into sometimes. This is sure to bring a smile to your face if you've had a rough day! Check out the cat attacking the light on the wall or some of the hilarious slips and falls they take. This is one of my favorite collections of funny cat videos ever on YouTube.

Cat Collection #2

Here is another collection of funny cat moments to lighten up your mood. I hope you enjoyed these videos.

The OMG Cat

I don't know what this cat sees but the expression is pretty funny!

Please Look After You Animals

I hope you had a good laugh with these videos. I just wanted to take this time and remind people to look after their pets properly. There are far too many abused and neglected animals in this world and it's up to you to provide your pet with the proper care they deserve. Please be sure to spay and neuter your animals to keep the population down.

Make sure your animals get proper checkups when you feel something is wrong with them. This can save you a lot of heatbreak later on. If something is caught early on your animal stands a good chance of surviving an illness since medication long-term can be very expensive for your pocketbook. Older animals get arthritis and other diseases just like we do so you need to look after them and provide them some comfort during their senior years.

While most animals get along with children fine, it's always best to monitor your pets when they are around small children just to be safe, especially if the child isn't known to your  animal. 

Owning an animal is a big responsibility so treat them right and they will provide you years of enjoyment and funny monents. You can look back on those times and remember those fond memories.  Thanks for watching the funniest cat moments ever and have fun with your pets as they make life just a little more special.